Jill Bennett



“Since joining the EC I have found that I can better understand how to make my business opportunity and products appeal to people – I know how to structure things to make them realise what’s in it for them!

I’m building a global consumer network of people using the best health and wellness products available (verified by independent blind testing) – I wouldn’t have realised how powerful it is to include that statement before I joined EC.

Too good to give up…

I joined the EC in May 2011 – I bought “Botty Rules” and had two months free – I was just going to take this and then leave! What I found was that the incredible information and resources available were much too good to give up! The power of providing something free or an offer to entice others was clear to me straight away!

So here I am now, still a very happy member. So what have I done…

I have built an attraction marketing system for my main business – to get people to know me, like me and trust me. Written an eBook to give away; outlined the content of a book for publishing. Set up a WP blog and Aweber auto responder. Written a library of blog posts and so far around 15 auto responder messages. I use the National Events for learning and networking.

1000% next year…

My business has grown by over 200% since joining and I haven’t finished yet! I still have to complete the second and third series of auto responder emails. I have also learned the power of setting clear goals and deadlines –and the power of momentum!

And all this around my two school age children, running a ladies networking group and my charity fundraising and volunteering!. EC definitely works!