Victoria Williams


Victoria Williams from Terptree, “The place for deaf services”, including sign language interpretation and communication support, has had an amazing few months since she started to use her TEAP to full effect. Her vision is to ‘change the world for deaf people’and since joining the EC, she’s really got stuck into “EC life” having implemented a number of key learns from the courses she’s attended.

It seems Victoria’s proactive approach has really paid off, as, after undertaking a lapsed prospect campaign, which consisted of a series of emails, sales letters and a consultation call with Victoria herself, she’s managed to get some big steps closer to bagging her dream client: Shakespeare’s Globe in London. Yes Victoria!!

This is an incredibly exciting opportunity for Terpree, as there’s huge scope to explore some innovative ideas in how to make the theatre experience more accessible for hard of hearing and deaf people.

Working with the Shakespeare’s Globe will fit snuggly alongside Victoria’s work with The British Museum and Science Museum.