Adam Croft

Video Transcript:

So I think you can take your eye off the ball a little bit. What has change? There’s always clarity there, and there’s so many checkpoints and checklists and things to work off. I don’t think there’s any excuse for not knowing your customer and not talking to them. So we’ve got plans in place now and a clear goal as well. So we know we’re working towards it, which is working well.

I didn’t realise there was any help and support anywhere. So I just thought it was fantastic that people were looking after small business owners. I used to have a business with an ad in the yellow pages and that was it really, and now we’re doing all this fancy stuff. It’s brilliant. Much more efficient.

The online resources. It’s just fantastic. So before I was with the EC, I had different websites, different subscriptions that were good, but nothing in one place like that is. So I’ve saved money by cancelling all my other subscriptions now, which is great.

Adam Croft – My Place Housing