Lindsay Brown


“I joined the EC on a free trial. I’d put a note in my diary to cancel the membership when the trial ended so that I wouldn’t get charged because I didn’t think I could afford the membership fee.

However, two weeks in I already knew I was going to stay – I was devouring the information supplied by Nigel in ‘The Vault’ the online home of the Entrepreneurs Circle.

It all made perfect sense to me and I wondered why on earth I hadn’t heard about this before!

There was no ‘corporate’ speak, it was all just incredibly clear, useful information – stuff that I could apply to my business and watch it working.

I’ve always worked hard at my business, but now I realise that I lacked focus – I was working IN my business and not ON it, I didn’t have a clear goal and I allowed others to distract me (because I work from home friends would ring me during the day, pop in for coffee or ask for favours because I didn’t have a ‘proper job’). I felt a bit lost really as my husband was out quoting and carrying out installations and I was in the office flitting one thing to another.

I took full advantage of every piece of information offered to me in fact, it became a standing joke in our house that I was ‘going to bed with Nigel’ as I would sit up for hours reading his book and other documents from the website.

One of the best things I did was have a 1:1 telephone consultation with Nigel himself. It was so inspiring and he gave me some home truths – he tells it like it is!

Hearing from him that our website was, to put it politely, rubbish, was hard to take, but he was so right – it’s since been redesigned using all the advice I got from him and his team and it generates load more leads now as a result.

I realised how far we’d come recently when I overheard my 10 year old daughter talking to a school friend – the school friend said “I’d love a pony, maybe my mum and dad will buy me one when they win the lottery” Emilie said “my mum and dad don’t need to win the lottery, they know Nigel Botterill and he’s helping them to grow our business and get rich!”

I’m actually quite proud that she understands that hard work and perseverance pays off and not to pin your hopes on winning the lottery!

Being a member of the Entrepreneurs Circle has made such a difference to me and my husband that we’re now about to launch our business on a national level. That was always a dream but thanks to what I’ve learnt from Nigel, it’s soon to become a reality. The ‘business in a box’ contains everything needed to hit the ground running and I really wish we’d had that at our fingertips when we first started out!

Quite simply, Nigel gave me the kick up the backside needed to take things to the next level and gave me my mojo back – you can’t put a price on that!”