Robbie Richardson

Video Transcript:

Well, I’ve got a business for a start. I’m just the processes of doing 90 minutes and I’m working on my business and understanding the business in a way that I’d never had done before. It’s been brilliant.

Well, I always knew I was shitty at running a business and I’ve been looking for help for a long time. I found lots of people that didn’t help, but said they would. Then, I stumbled across you, guys. It was an instant connection that I really loved.

We’ve grown quite a lot since being a member. I mean, when we joined, I think we were, turnover about 50,000, 55,000, something like that. Now, we’re about 110-120, but I can’t remember the exact figures in my head. It’s been positive.

The community of people that, I mean, there’s some amazing people that genuinely care about me and my business and vice versa. I just love that. It’s just good a part, of being members in the club, at the EC.

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