Peter Anderton

Video Transcript:

I’ve been in the EC now for a while now. And there was a bit of an incubation period for me, initially. It’s only really this year that I’ve really started to take off properly. And it’s all about the implementation. I’ve often said with the EC, “The best thing about the EC is all the ideas. The worst thing about the EC is all the ideas.” I’m a bit of a Mach 5, and go off in and all sorts of different directions, and try and do too many things, and not deliver anything.

What I’ve done differently this year, and Inner Circle’s helped me with this as well, is become a lot more focused, a lot more accountable. And working out what are the really key things that I need to be focusing on my attention, and making those happen. A muster of other ideas coming through. I can pick up and work with some of those later on. But what I find is when I talk to people in the EC, the key difference between the people that see the value on it is those who implement, and those who don’t.

I think one of the things is it’s, actually, when you’re running your own business, it’s a lonely place to be. So, the community, and the connection, and just being around people where you could spark of ideas. Very often, I find when I’m at an EC event, I’m working, specifically, clear on is, working on my business, not doing emails or whatever. But I sometimes find just the environment I’m in sparks off so many ideas. And I come up with some of my best ideas, in the room. And I’m busy scribbling them down. I might not even be, totally, engaged with what’s going on. It just creates an atmosphere for me that I could engage with.

And also, I’m really, really good at what I do. But I haven’t got the faintest idea about marketing it. And that was the missing link for me. And it’s learning from that, and being able to take that further forward. And I think the thing that’s probably made the difference for me, as well, is that the EC has pushed me a little bit, particularly, with Inner Circle, to put my money where my mouth is. So, now I’m not just learning, but I’m, actually, paying people, not the EC itself, to, actually, do things, to implement things, to make things happen, in a way that I would have been a bit too cautious to do before. And that’s what’s making things shift.

This is a bit of a corny answer, but the reason I signed up for Inner Circle was to get the direct access to Nige. And whilst, he and I don’t have the same view of the world. We don’t see the world the same way. He really cares about the people in the EC. And his ideas are just phenomenal. And the input that I get from him, the marketing critiques, the call-ins, just the advice, just really helps me get clarity. And he did say this year was the year of clarity, and I think that’s helped me. Really helps me get clarity, and helps me drive things forward. And also, with the Inner Circle, there’s a bit of tough love involved. Because, at the end of the day, I’m great at delivering deadlines for other people. But rubbish at delivering deadlines for me. And the accountability that Nige brings to the whole thing with the Inner Circle, keeps me on my toes, and I need it.

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