Anna Hare

Video Transcript:

I think I feel reassured that I’m not alone. I’m not the only person who is out there struggling and needing support from other people. And there’s so much knowledge that you have access to. So many people with so much experience that you just don’t have the opportunity to meet before.

Developing my business, taking it to the next stage. I’m already fairly well established, but it was about how I can actually develop it from there, and expand and be bigger and better.

Everyone in the office, super friendly. Nigel, so energetic, so enthusiastic. You might be feeling a bit, “Which direction do I go in? Is it all worth it?” He always seems to bring you up. Everybody in my inner circle group, very, very supportive. It’s lovely to have that network. I’ve never experienced it before, so, for me, it’s great.

Anna Hare – Pure Brides