Matt Eldridge

Video Transcript:

Well, I’d say the biggest thing I’ve found is just the ideas that it generates. So I know what I should be doing and obviously could have schooled, but when I come to the meetings and I hear the teachings and stuff, it just kicks off so many ideas and I go away and I implement them.

And you do see a change in the business over the next week or two weeks. And then you get into daily life and then things wane a little bit, and then you come back and you hear the teachers again, and you have conversations with the people, and it just spurs off more ideas and stuff that you can relate to. So I’d say that’s the biggest benefit. And that’s the biggest thing I get from the EC.

We’ve had massive growth in such a short period of time anyway. And obviously the things that I’ve learned at the EC and put into practise, I feel have played a massive role in that anyway. So I can quite easily quantify and say yeah, that my growth for my business from me in my kitchen to a staff of six within 18 months are all the things I’ve implemented and learned from the EC. So yeah, I would say definitely this has helped me grow my business and thrive, so to speak.

My favourite thing, the first point is literally the community and the group. I don’t really participate as much as I could, but I’m more of a get stuff done kind of person. So I just get ideas, see what people are doing, see what how they’re growing. And that inspires me and I move on and do my own thing and put my own little spin on it. And that’s kind of worked really well for me.

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