Aarif Merali

Video Transcript:

Yeah. The best thing that is coming out of the EC for me is the growing awareness of marketing, because about four years ago, before I joined, I thought I knew how to do marketing, but I didn’t really. And I think every year that goes by as a member of the EC, I learn more and more about it. So I think the campaigns that we send out now, their copy is much better. Some of the campaigns I look at from five years ago make me cringe, that I could send that out. And being in a design, print and marketing business, it helps us help our clients, as well. So all the stuff that we learn from the EC, we pass on to our clients.

I think we were at a bit of a plateau at that time. So we’d been running the business for around seven, eight years; had reached a bit of a stage where we couldn’t grow it any further. And we saw one of Nigel’s videos and thought, “Oh, that really speaks to us.” And he said all the things about being stuck on a plateau and not knowing how to grow, and that really hit a few buttons with us. And yeah, so that’s why we came in.

It’s been a steady growth. I mean, compared to where we were three years ago, four years ago, when we joined, we’re about 15%, 20% up from that. So it’s not been astronomical growth, but it’s been nice growth. And we’re doing business with the right types of clients now, so it’s more profitable, I would say. That’s to say, although the turnover is only 20% up, the profits are hugely up.

I have to say it has to be the NB TV every week. I mean, I look forward to that and we take away the nuggets every week from that. So it has to be, that’s the single most thing, but I think it’d be the TEEPS as well. We love the training because we meet people like you and everyone else, everyone knows you and it doesn’t feel like that sometimes you just feel like a number in an organisation, but you feel welcome.

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