Jean and Andrew Eardley

Video Transcript:

We fundamentally changed the way we run the business, gone from very nice secure system whereby we charge by the hour to an unlimited amount of support package and that was frightening.

We’ve totally taken our business from having kind of £5,000 recurring revenue monthly, to about £16,000 recurring revenue monthly now. So yeah, it’s just given us really nice, peace of mind that we’ve got everything covered before we do anything. Because we had to change the way that our business was running from being a brake fix, IT support company.

To one where we out to get more customers in, who didn’t know us. We’d previously worked with customers that just kept referring us all the time and we still get that, but we needed to increase numbers and our marketing, we just didn’t really know we’d been in business 17, 18 years. Hadn’t really needed to use it, so we needed some help fast.

You feel like you’re part of a family and there’s always someone there to hold your hand and help you, and its excellent advice and it just works.

If you do it, it works.


Jean and Andrew Eardley – Prompt PC