Sarah King


“My sister joined the EC and for a few months I had to listen to her ranting on about how good it was, what a great bloke Nigel is, not to mention her 30% increase in profits. But I was deeply sceptical.

After much persuasion I decided to come along with her to an event and see what all the fuss was about. I was hooked…

Sitting in a room surrounded by around 600 likeminded business owners – you could feel the energy. Nigel came out on stage (turbo charged) and just held everyone’s attention with his wise ‘nuggets’ of advice and examples of what YOU can do to make YOUR business SUPER SUCESSFUL.

One important thing about these events is that they are fun 🙂 It’s not some boring seminar with people looking at their watches, yawning and wondering what time it will finish – it’s a fast paced, interactive, information packed day that makes you think ‘Hey, I could do that in my business’.

The local monthly meetings are always something to look forward to – so much learning and ideas. The ones I’ve found most useful have been about:

1. Improve customer service

2. Fine tune the look and content of your website

3. Growing your database

4. Following up on enquires better to turn them into sales

That’s only a small sample – there’s been lots more.

The main thing I have learned though is to spend time thinking about how to do things differently – and then DO THEM. Being different from everyone else in your industry can make a massive difference. It’s surprising how a few small gestures and simple things can make a BIG impact on your business and allow you to take special care of your customers and ultimately, your future.”