Graham Hill

Video Transcript:

When I first discovered the Entrepreneurs Circle, I went to one of Nigel Botterill’s open days, and I was so taken by his enthusiasm, his knowledge, and his dynamic energy. And he’s one of the only people I’ve come across in the world of marketing and education that actually runs his own business. There are many people who preach, but don’t do, and he does understand how to run a business, as well as helping others like us develop our own.

My favourite thing about the Entrepreneurs Circle, I think it’s the camaraderie, the spirit of learning, and as you can see, I’m not in the flush of youth, but I’m still really enthused and I’m a silver head entrepreneur by nature now. And I just love the company I keep within the Entrepreneurs Circle and its members and its staff. Couldn’t be a better place to help grow your business.

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