Anna Hart


“I joined the EC on a 2-month trial membership and never for a second did I think that I’d continue the membership at full price after the trial period was up.

I was really new in business and £80 cost per month was way out of my league. But then I went to a national event, and a local one, received an EC Circular and had my mind happily boggled reading all the great stuff in the Vault. All of a sudden I realised that the EC was exactly what I needed.

It’s like school for business owners – you learn about marketing and how important it is, how to really think about what you’re doing and who you’re doing it for, and there’s so much support it feels less lonely and isolated.

The buzz you get coming away from a national event may not be legal – you feel like you can achieve absolutely anything! I’ve had some major lightbulb moments at EC events that have totally changed the direction of my business, and I’ve learned to think bigger – much bigger.

Originally I wanted to replace the salary from my previous job in 2 years, but after 4 months in the EC I brought that goal forward to 16 months, and I actually achieved it in 12. I’ve already made 160% of my first year’s income in the first 4 months of my second year in business, and I attribute at least half of that success to the EC.

Oh and I’ve taken August off – how cool is that?!

I would never have been so far along in business maturity had it not been for the knowledge, the support, the enthusiasm, the attitude, and the people of the EC.

If you’re running a business and it’s not giving you what you need, then the EC should be your first port of call. You won’t find anywhere better for helping you figure out how to achieve great things.”