Laura Moxham

If there’s one thing you can’t accuse Laura Moxham of, it’s being complacent. Laura’s IT support business was flying, but that wasn’t enough for Laura: after looking at how she had built such a successful business she decided to start another!

“I was adding thousands to my turnover and sales, without even breaking a sweat,” Laura says. “And then it hit me – I was using Google AdWords to bring in hot leads and make sales for our existing business, so why not offer my AdWords services to clients and help them generate similar results?”

And so Your Business Angels was born. Laura started the business with the intention of attracting one new client per month. However, news of Laura’s new services spread amongst her existing clients and demand was high; Laura had brought nine new customers on board in her first five weeks of business.

“The results that have followed month-on-month have been mind-boggling, and since launching I’ve now gained over 39 clients,” Laura tells us. However, Your Business Angels has accelerated in success for Laura each time she implemented something that she had learned during her time with EC.

First things first – getting the clients. Laura started implementing a new marketing method, using the power of personalisation. “One thing that’s always stuck in my mind is when Nigel talks about identifying your dream customers, making a list and then focusing your marketing efforts just at them,” Laura says, and so she devised a campaign that took this advice to the next level. Laura sought out companies whose Google Ads were performing poorly. She then filmed a personalised video, featuring an image of the offending advert, with Laura explaining why their ad was doing so badly, complete with an offer to help them fix the huge errors. She then followed up with an email campaign driving them to this video landing page and offering an audit of their Adwords account to show them how she could help grow their business. “We’ve had a cracking start,” Laura tells us.

Then Laura started following up. “Till they buy or till they die” is another Nigel nugget that Laura got serious about implementing this year.

“Previously, we sent a few lousy follow-up emails and then that was it. Nothing,” Laura tells us. “Now, I have built a follow-up campaign that mixes emails and phone calls. Since being more serious with our follow-up and keeping in touch with prospects we are now closing more customers and winning new business,” Laura says.

Once a client is brought on board, Laura’s philosophy for the business, “get them shit hot results” is at the forefront of everyone’s mind. With one client, Laura saved them £26,681 in annual ad spend by simply tweaking the account settings. “It was absolutely game-changing for the client,” she says. Laura also helped a new client win 52 new sales generating them £1,048 from a £59.69 spend; an ROI of 1,655% just by being different to their competitors and standing out.

Marking yourself as being different from the rest is also a tactic that Laura has implemented within her own business, as she recognized that tracking results properly was something that many other paid traffic services neglected to do.

“We’ve found that in our industry, the water is slightly muddy,” Laura tells us. “Considering it’s a results-based business, most of our competitors are not transparent and purposely make it difficult for the client to evaluate their results.” This approach didn’t sit well with Laura, and so she set up processes that would track all of the vital metrics. “We even track exactly what keywords have made the phone ring. Without this, AdWords advertisers are flying blind,” says Laura.

As part of their customer-focused service, Laura also holds monthly catch-up calls with all of her clients. “As EC taught me – it’s all about relationships! We discuss their results and methods to increase the conversions and generate a bigger bang for their buck. Our clients love this!”

One of Laura’s newest clients is a UK brand working with a big London agency.“Having audited their account, I found so many fundamentals that the agency just weren’t doing right, as well as the higher-level strategic ideas they’d not thought of,” Laura tells us. “So, they hopped on board and joined us straight away.”

Laura’s dedication to implementation and her acquisition of customers has transformed her life.