Elaine Luck


“I was made redundant at the end of January 2012. It was something I just didn’t see coming so it completely knocked me for six for quite a while. Having licked my wounds for a bit, I decided to try and set up my own company doing what I love – helping people with business administration.

I joined the Entrepreneur’s Circle as soon as my company was set up – and I have learnt so much!

I had no idea about social media, marketing, PR or pricing for profit.

I used one of the tutorials to create a marketing plan that really honed in on my USP to the point that I completely re-wrote my website and altered a lot of the emphasis in my advertising. I learnt about the importance of keywords to the point that my business is now on page 1 of Google. Brilliant.

My LinkedIn Profile is also, now, 100% complete which is quite an achievement. You name it, I’ve had to learn it but I now have a solid business, more contacts than I could ever have imagined and a business offering that I never thought possible. Oh, and I tweet!!

EC has given me the confidence to persevere and that confidence has delivered contracts (one in particular, a scoping study for an ISO Accreditation) that I would never have thought myself capable of.

I relish small successes as well as big ones and I know that what I want is achievable and with the resources available to me through the EC I have the support to make them happen.

I’ve also learnt to enjoy networking, which was an element of setting up on my own that seriously fazed me in the beginning: The EC taught me that it’s all about ‘making friends’, that’s all and then seeing what comes out of that connection.

The other thing I’ve learnt? Oh yes, if it all goes wrong, it’s my fault!

Thank you EC”