Allan Plant

“Before I bought Mobex I had spent most of my working life turning around under-performing businesses so when I took the plunge and bought my own business in 2007, I thought I pretty much knew all that was needed.

How wrong I was!

I made most of the mistakes Nigel highlights in Botty’s Rules and no doubt some he hasn’t mentioned. However, despite all the pitfalls in the economy, the input from the EC has helped us to more than treble the size of the business to in excess of £1m turnover. We operate from 4 locations and handle close to 1,000 events both indoors and outdoors for clients big and small.

Getting on with it…

Mobex has been changed from an exhibition trailer provider to a Specialist in Exhibitions and Road Shows, designing and building exhibition trailers and indoor stands. Helping public sector bodies deliver core messages to the public, providing experiential staff organising designing and printing graphics

The benefits I have found since joining Entrepreneurs Circle are often not the major new things but the snippets of information about where to find information, who to talk to about specific specialisms and the re-enforcement at times that you are on the right track or that you need to rethink.

So many other organisations are passive in their “support” of SMEs whereas EC is all about helping us to getting on with it. They’re VERY practical and pragmatic which I like a lot…