Martin Horton


“Since joining the Entrepreneur’s Circle in August 2010, my core accountancy practice has grown by over 64% but, in addition, I enjoy what I do far more now.

The change isn’t just down to one thing; there’ve been lots of small changes that I have made based on Nigel’s comments and teachings and collectively they’ve transformed my business.

My time management is also much better, as I now have clear goals and know that Nigel and the whole EC team want my business to succeed (almost) as much as I do.

As well as some invaluable 1 to 1’s with Nigel there is so much information in The Vault and also in the monthly magazine.

I am much better at marketing which is something Nigel knows all about, and is a vital area for all business owners – often more interesting than what we actually do! Which has given me the confidence to launch a new business/brand, Frank Reporting, to provide management information to businesses.

I have a long way to go but we’ve moved into new premises now and taken on more staff and I know that the EC will support me now I have moved up to this next level.”