Steven Markham

Video Transcript:

My confidence is up. I can go after major dreamless clients without being worried about whether I’m worthy of contacting them. And the kind of change for me is that instead of doing… going after a client for maybe a few thousand pounds, now I can go for them for £50 or £100,000 and actually land them. So the confidence level is up there. Also know my numbers, am saying what’s important to me, my 90 minutes, I do every single day, a total habit. And just the fact that I can call on, from mentoring point of view, I can call on EC.I’ve grown through the EC. So I started in 2012 on a basic club membership and am mastermind now. So for me, it’s just everything. It’s just part of the family.

Well, I’ve doubled my prices every six months since I joined EC. So I started on sort of £400 and I’m now on £25,000 for product. Growth wise, I suppose, not really, but I can say that we made a net profit in our first year, so that’s really exciting. And I’d say that we’re taking on staff now, where we’re actually looking … Is looking tremendous for 2017.

I’m one of the unusual ones, apparently that I watched a video and signed up. So for me, it was just a learning experience. It was just, I didn’t know what I was looking for. I suppose I was looking for someone to talk to someone who understood what I was about. And it was a bit of a … it’s was a journey for me. I know I needed to get confidence. I needed to be able to deal with my boards, need to have the confidence to go back to them. And I wanted to learn, I didn’t know quite what to do and when. And now with all of the learnings, I’m still learning, I’m still learning all the time. Watching everything, yeah.

I suppose just that there’s such positivity in it. It’s just the most fantastic positivity, and loyalty, and support. Yeah. All of the best things one would want to know in a business.

Steven Markham – VFloorplan