Adele Sweet

Video Transcript:

Lots, like loads. How I deal with staff, marketing pillars. I didn’t realise there could be so many.

When I joined, I thought it was a cult, right? When I joined, I did. And as I got to know how it works, and how friendly and supportive, I was quite surprised how supportive they were and on what they knew. I’ve been a member for quite a few years. And as much as I’m struggling then to tell you what has changed, for me to be a member for quite a few years says it all really. Just the support, I can pick up the phone and speak to a member of the EC team. And we just have that banter, but she’ll give me proactive, constructive advice. If she doesn’t know anything about the subject, she’ll go and find out. And it just feels like a community, which is what I’ve tried to build in my business. So it’s the same. It’s almost replicated it, even though we have a waxing salon.

So, we have grown in the last four years, three to four years, about 170% of growth, which is amazing. There is now four staff, when it was just me. It was just me in a little room and now I have premises. So the figures of, I’m really happy. Every year, I’ve recently got a five-year projected growth and, well, I’ll be driving one of Nigel’s cars in a few years, probably, maybe sooner than that.

I would probably say the community. If I ring up anybody in EC, I know if they don’t know, which they normally do, but if they don’t, they’ll find out. I just love it. I just love this whole network that Nigel and his team has created and yeah.

Adele Sweet – Madame Wax