Steven Bruce

Video Transcript:

Well, I’ve been a member of Mastermind for, I think it’s five years now. It’s four or five years. Without mastermind, I wouldn’t have my new business, which is again, completely off the wall while we were discussing my original business and I suddenly thought, “Well, hang on. This is a brilliant opportunity.” Mastermind was the germ that set that thing in motion and it’s been what’s kept me going for the last few years, at getting it to build where it is now.

The reason I joined is, I think, common to most entrepreneurs, small businesses in US, you’re an individual who doesn’t know much about running a business. You’ve got nobody to sound your ideas out with. If you join an organisation such as the Entrepreneurs Circle, all of a sudden, not only have you got the big noise, you’ve got Nigel himself who gives you personal attention and will help you with the detail of running the business, but you’ve got all these other people around you learning and exploring the same things. If I come back to Mastermind, in the Mastermind group, you’ve got some serious players who have got good ideas about how to promote the business, how to grow the business. It’s been a very worthwhile experience.

I think my favourite thing about the Entrepreneurs Circle is also the most daunting thing. It’s sitting in front of half a dozen other business owners and having to bare your soul over what’s going on in your business, the mistakes you’ve made, the things that aren’t going right, in the safe knowledge that actually they are there to help you and that even when sometimes they give you a bit of tough love, actually. It is that help drive your business forward. It’s been a fantastic experience.

Steven Bruce – Academy of Physical Medicine Ltd