Peter Read


I was one of the 300 people who listened to Nige’s now famous webinar in early 2010 when he launched EC.

It was like no other seminar I had ever listened to before. It was punchy, stripped of waffle and rammed with loads of practical and brilliant advice.

I wanted to learn more so I drove 150 miles to Solihull for the first ever National Event (in April 2010). Not only that, but such was my thirst for free advice, I sat in the first ever hot seat at the first ever meeting in a room of about 50 people in Solihull. How those meetings have changed – there’s often a thousand entrepreneurs there now!

My website was pants…

Before meeting Nige, I used to do a bit of networking and I employed direct mail when I had the time (madness), but I never used social media and my website was pants.

We re-branded and designed a new website that was geared up to generate leads, with a short punchy video, including testimonials from clients, and we also started to incorporate social media.

I am a bit of a fan of paperwork and admin (hey I work in insurance!) but by turning my day back to front and making my first job every day the task of winning new customers, we have grown our profits by over 100% in the first two years since joining and we are not stopping there. I have a plan for the next five years and I know how much money I need to make to stop working when I choose.

He’s full on…

What I like about Nige is that he has done it himself and he is very incisive about what makes businesses grow. He is not a theorist; he is a practitioner. He is “full-on”, but if you don’t respond to his ideas, you won’t succeed as much as you could. Simples!

The Entrepreneur’s Circle has had a huge impact on my business and I am sure it will do the same for anyone else – providing you pay attention and I-M-P-L-E-M-E-N-T.