Matt Davis


“I started my first business, Matt Davis Media, in November 2012. I was very unhappy in a previous job and through a very happy accident had got wind of Nigel’s original MYSMB social media training.

I decided to take the plunge and it’s a decision that totally changed my life. Following the excellent training programme, I was introduced to the benefits of the Entrepreneur’s Circle and I joined straight away.

Exactly what you need…

As an entrepreneur doing all of this for the first time it’s impossible to think of everything and so to be receiving regular advice from someone who has been there and done it is incredibly helpful. It gives you a pat on the back when you’re doing things right and a kick up the arse when you’re not.

The advice is also often very blunt which is exactly what you need to hear as it’s easy to get into bad habits or become complacent.

Doubled our turnover…

In April 2013 I formed The Bright Click Ltd and there are now three of us in the team –covering all aspects of online marketing with over 20 clients on recurring revenue packages.

Since incorporating the business I have virtually doubled our turnover and I attribute a fair chunk of this to implementing techniques I have learned from the EC.

I would recommend membership to anybody starting a business as essential.