Dan Harrison


WordPress wizard Dan Harrison has been firing on all cylinders with a little help from the EC and local BGA Tim Savage. Dan’s business ‘WordPress Doctors’ is doubling Dan’s profits and his base hourly rate is rocketing by a massive 85% . He’s expanding rapidly including taking on his first member of staff so he can scale the business and concentrate his own time on the really important stuff.

Here’s Dan to explain his success in his own words…

“I’d been a member of the EC but I really didn’t ‘get it’ back then. Having tried to grow my business without any real success, I knew I had to change something. It was something along the lines of the definition of insanity (doing the same things, expecting different results). But now I’m serious about it and, as a result, WordPress Doctors is growing very nicely. Before EC, I was fighting to earn a £18k wage for myself. Now I’m earning much more and well on track for a 6-figure salary.

“Beyond the development services, I’m using my skills in training to massively expand what WordPress Doctors can offer. My focus has change to implementing tasks that make the business money; outsourcing everything where possible so that I can spend time on my core WordPress skills; scaling my business with great products; differentiating my business.

“Since being serious with EC, I’ve:

Increased my base hourly rate by 85% (which is used for the basis of quoting for projects). I wouldn’t have thought this possible a year or so ago.

Stopped quoting by the hour, and now quoting fixed prices. This has stopped potential clients comparing my hourly rate to other developers (where I’m typically more expensive).

Used testimonials extensively to promote new projects – like Nige says “ what other people say about you is ten times more important that what you say about yourself”

Releasing brand new and unique products

Hired my first ever staff member who is taking on my workload.

Started an automated email campaign from my website, which is growing very nicely.

Using my CRM system (Capsule CRM) and using it to send very targeted emails. One email in particular I sent out made £400 in sales. I’m now addicted to this, hence the new products I can offer to do this more often. When you start to bring in sales every time you send an email it’s an amazing thing. I know this will only get better as I target the growth of my database.

Moved to a new serviced office (away from home), which is helping me be considerably more productive due to less distractions and background noise.

Set up a landline telephone number using VoIP, which is answered by a call answering service. This is my gatekeeper, so all calls I have are when I make them (at mutually convenient times).

Outsource HR, payroll, call answering, graphic design, proof reading, data entry and some of my research. At home, I now outsource the gardening and cleaning, too!

Had branded WP Doctors T-Shirts printed, with “Grabbing the balls of WordPress and making it cough ” on the back. It has been responsible for a large number of discussions at EC events and other business events. “