Tom Warrender

Video Transcript:

Since I’ve joined the Entrepreneur Circle, everything’s changed for me really. I’ve got kind of more regular customers coming through the door. I’ve got kind of more inquiries. We convert more of those, that’s more sales, we’re more profitable and basically, at the end of the day, this business is set up for my family to provide for them and it makes a big difference to their lives being able to provide all the things that they want and what I want to give to them. It’s all down to kind of the stuff I learned in the EC.

So when I joined the EC, I was kind of looking for some help in getting a structure in place. Everything I was doing is kind of a bit ad hoc and kind of as and when, but EC kind of drilled into me, it’s all about the regular acquisition of customers and that’s the key to having a successful business. So it was all kind of how’d you put that marketing in place to get those customers and those inquiries in to your business and how to convert them. So that’s kind of what I was looking for. I kind of had lots of ideas about how you distil those into an idea or a marketing plan to get those customers.

So ever since I started a business one of the big things people always do when they start a businesses, going, “I want a house, I want a car,” and things like that. And I had a big goal of owning a Jag, it’s kind of the biggest thing I’ve ever wanted to do. And this year I’ve kind of achieved that. It wasn’t the kind of sporty model that I wanted, but that doesn’t suit a family and dogs and kids and stuff. So I’ve gone from the nice sport, the estate version, but that’s kind of a lifelong kind of dream that I’ve achieved because of being a member of the EC that helped me put my business into the place it is. And now I’ve achieved one of my biggest goals.

So my favourite thing about the Entrepreneur circle is oh, man, there’s loads of things. There’s the circular they get every month. There’s the Achieve 365 and all the implementation plans that you can access to on how you can learn, how to do loads of different things on there. Going to all the regional meetings, the national events, meeting all the other entrepreneurs. There’s just so much, and it’s hard to pick one, but I’d kind of have to say being a member of Mastermind and getting access to knowledge and being able to use him to critique all kind of our marketing work and what we’re doing in the business, it’s just invaluable to us.

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