Shakeel Sadiq

Video Transcript:

We’re a lot more focused. We’re a lot more focused on our numbers. We’re a lot more focused on the culture within the company and the business and the people.

I was looking for some kind of guidance support, not quite coaching, but some kind of real, sort of real gritty hands-on stuff that we could get our teeth into. And this is it. I believe it’s very unique. I don’t think there’s anything within the UK, which kind of really comes close. It’s not networking, but it is networking, but it’s really a hell of a lot more. You get actual business support, which when you’re running your own business, you can find yourself in a very lonely place because a lot of people just will not understand where you’re at, what you’re trying to achieve, what you’re trying to do. And these guys get it.

Access to people, access to if I need to speak to someone, I don’t have to wait days on end and I can speak to people who are specialists in their field, whether it’s online marketing, email marketing, whether it’s printing, I’ve got access to specialists in a huge array of subject areas.

Shakeel Sadiq – Exantia