Keith Crockford

Life has changed beyond all recognition for Keith Crockford of Rock and Rapid Adventures.

Before joining the EC, Keith had no idea what a Negative Keyword was. Now, his Google AdWords account is filled with more than he can count. Before he became a member of EC, Rock and Rapid Adventures had no solid direction. Now, Keith has a clear plan for the future of his business and is working every day to move it forwards.

Keith says,” Since joining EC my business has changed massively. I look at my business completely differently too; being an EC member has changed my business and my mind-set. Since I joined, I’ve focussed on gaining the right employees who share my vision. I’ve launched a new website, written eBooks, got a handle on my marketing, and made the most of my Team TEAP. I’m learning the theory behind growing Rock and Rapid Adventures and transforming my business.”

But there’s more to Keith’s success than improving marketing knowledge. Keith has recently been working with fellow EC member Martin Norbury to outline a clear future for Rock and Rapid Adventures. Using Launchpad, Keith and the team now have crystal clear visibility over everything from bookings to takings.

Not only that, but Launchpad has enabled Keith to monitor the marketing activities and specific campaigns that drive his bookings and takings. So much so, he can review weekly and make changes that will help him to achieve his goals. And, thanks to this new clarity and clear plan, the sky really is the limit for Keith and his team.

“The way I look at my business is completely different now,” says Keith. “I’ve been working with Martin on his S.C.A.L.E. programme, and we now have a clear three-year-plan for where and how we’ll move the business forwards. We’ve a plan that is going to use my sales letter for free teachers’ expeditions to take us to the next level. To help me do this, we have created a dashboard that gives us up to date figures on every aspect of the day-to-day running of the business.”

Using ideas gained from EC thinking as a springboard, Keith set up The Bucket List Company, which had bookings only three days after launch.” We’re excited to see the campaigns for The Bucket List Company creating a lot of interest; we had 108 opt-ins for trip information within 8 days of launch, and are currently getting four new opt-ins a day,” says Keith.

Not content with running two super-successful businesses, Keith recently added a third to his repertoire. Following a conversation with Nige, he made the decision to purchase a third business. He says, “We’ve acquired a Costa Blanca-based adventure company that already has contracts in place to offer excursions with industry big boys Thomas Cook, Thompsons and the TUI Group. It’s a challenge I’m relishing. The business needed a complete marketing overhaul, and I’m doing this with all of the knowledge I’ve gained from being part of the EC.

With both his personal and professional life changing beyond recognition since he joined the EC, Keith shows no signs of slowing down. He says, “I am now fortunate to have a team that allows me to work on my business on a daily basis, which is helping me to move the business forward in the direction it needed to go. I am still able to get out and teach the activities I love, but I can choose when I want to do it, and I do it because I want to, not because I have to.”

Keith Crockford – Rock and Rapid Adventures