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Entrepreneurs Circle is renowned for running the best business events in the UK.

Available EXCLUSIVELY to our Members, our full-day Masterclasses equip you with the specific tools, strategies and techniques that you need to grow your business.

Here’s The Full 2023 Line-Up:

How To Run Your
Business Properly

Get ready to stop guessing and start scaling with this 2-day in-person event with Nigel which will leave you fully equipped to build the business you really want and finally become a proper 'professional' business person.

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Sales Training For
Non-Sales People

Bust through the stereotypes of ‘sales’ and discover the roadmap to success at this virtual event which is specifically designed for every business owner responsible for sales (you!) and every member of your team who’s involved in the sales process.

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How To Nail The Most Lucrative Of All The Marketing Pillars...

Discover how to double your deliverability, boost your open rates, get more clicks and craft emails that actually work to generate enquiries and sales for your business at this one-day virtual masterclass event.

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How To Find, Hire, Manage (& Fire!) To Mobilise The A-Team You Deserve...

No matter how many staff you have, this one day virtual event is a must because, as you know, when you have a world class team, all pulling together in the same direction, focused on the same congruent goals... amazing things can happen!

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How To Build, Market And Scale Local Brick And Mortar Businesses...

This event is exclusively for traditional, local, brick and mortar businesses who want to become known as the de-facto choice for anyone in their area looking for what they offer. If that’s you, buckle up and book your place on this virtual event.

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The Ultimate 2-Day Implementation Workshop Event

This is NOT your typical EC event! There’s no learning involved. It’s all about one thing: Implementation! Spend 2-days focused on get sh*t done with help from the EC team and other experts so that you leave with the important stuff actually done.

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How To Use Google Ads To Generate All The Leads And Customers You Can Handle

With help from our Google Ad experts, we’ll be walking you through the process of setting up highly profitable Google Ad campaigns as we blow your mind with the latest advanced breakthroughs and reveal the winning strategies that almost every business should be implementing.

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How To Properly
Sell Stuff Online

If you sell products online, this is a must-attend event for you in 2023. Discover how to turn browsers into buyers, products into profit and one-time purchasers into life-long customers as we break down the best e-commerce marketing strategies that you can swipe and deploy in your business.

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How To Explode Your Word Of Mouth Marketing With World Class Customer Service...

Discover dozens of practical techniques that you can use to make your customer service truly world-class - AND - generate a tsunami of referrals, recommendations and word-of-mouth marketing from your raving fans to the point that you never need to worry about getting customers ever again.

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