In the Fruit Bowl of Business are You an Apple or a Mango?

Recently I made a purchase from an apple (a metaphorical apple that is) a shiny, red, glistening apple which stood out in the apple aisle as being just too tempting.

I had high expectations.
But when I bit into this apple, the taste was floury, dry and disappointing. In fact, I tried to consume the whole apple but something had beaten me to it – a slimy worm was slowly destroying the apple core in a less than attractive way.
I decided I should have chosen to buy from the pineapple; not so attractive on the outside but it always delivers on taste when cut open.
You can see where I’m going with this.
Your customer deserves to be pleased and delighted with their purchase or service every time. If you are focusing on customer retention, you might need to reconsider how you are perceived by your customer.
Bearing in mind that your customer usually makes a decision whether or not to buy from you in a matter of seconds, how do you package yourself?
But it’s not JUST about your image. Your image might be stunning; you may have a state of the art office or business premises, an impressive website or glossy marketing materials. However, it’s what happens inside that can really determine whether your customer will be satisfied and will be likely to stay loyal. Just like the glossy, shiny red apple business I chose, if the very core of the business doesn’t deliver on quality, your customers will be disappointed.
An attractive business with glossy marketing will not succeed if there’s some rot at the very core.
So, if we continue with the idea that each business could be symbolic of a fruit, let’s take a closer look at the types of businesses our customers are faced with.

Are You A Strawberry?

Sweet, lovely and usually reliable. What you see is what you get. Strawberry businesses are everyone’s favourite. Strawberry businesses are very popular but are they consistent every month of the year? In a display of fruits, customers always go for the strawberries. Businesses like Costa and Accessorise are good examples of Strawberry businesses.

Are You A Banana?

Banana businesses are reliable and have longevity. They are the go-to fruit of the business world. As a customer, if you’re in a rush and don’t have time to do the research, choose a banana. It won’t rock your world but it will do the job. Boots is everyone’s ‘banana’ quick stop.

Are You A Mandarin?

Again, a mandarin business is quite reliable and predictable. The beauty of a mandarin business is that the customer can choose segments. Maybe half now and half later? A mandarin business is also great for sharing with friends. Mandarin businesses are everywhere but, again, may not be consistent all year round. Mandarin businesses are also called Sainsbury’s or Morrisons – common and functional!

Are You A Pomegranate?

Pomegranates are relatively unattractive businesses, which harbor a delightful array of hidden gems. Customers will lose themselves in a pomegranate. So much to choose from and so very attractive! Pomegranate businesses are usually unique or independent businesses often hidden away in side alleys off the high street.

Are You A Lemon?

This speaks for itself. Sour but zesty, sharp but useful. Lemon businesses are specialty businesses. Used sometimes for specific purposes but not used for general satisfaction. B&Q or Wicks would be a lemon business. On it’s own it doesn’t really make for exciting shopping (unless you’re a fan of Fifty Shades Of Grey…)

Are You A Mango?

Exotic, expensive, indulgent. If you are a mango business your customers will probably arrive in a luxury car. A good example of a mango business would be Tiffany’s. Not everyone can afford a mango. Have you thought of adding some less expensive fruits to your bowl?
I’m suggesting you should be a bunch of grapes. 
Consistent, attractive and multi-faceted, a bunch of grapes business always meets expectations. Refreshing and appetising, with portions for all.
Which fruit is your business in the global fruit bowl? I’d be interested to hear.