GenieAI is the incredible ‘all-in-one’ marketing platform from Entrepreneurs Circle that empowers you to run your business properly and professionally.

It enables you to get more customers, keep clients longer and properly scale your business – automagically!

It’s the most complete marketing system in the world for businesses...

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Success in business doesn’t come from what you know – it comes from what you DO.

Which is why the EC team have been working for over two years to find a way to make it easier for our members to put in place the right marketing so that they get the right results.

Because when we equip you with a tool that enables you to easily I-M-P-L-E-M-E-N-T a lot more of the stuff that EC teaches then your businesses will grow - a lot more.

If we can help YOU to make more things happen, more competently and more easily in your business – then EC is closer to achieving its purpose.
And that’s exactly what GenieAI does.

It's a complete, all-in-one system that means there'll be no more duct-taping your lead gen systems and processes together.

Everything is included.

Honestly, you'll be blown away by how good it is. It's insane.

At last, you'll have PROPER leadflow and PROPER follow-up that works (and doesn’t just rely on emails).

  • It’s super easy to use,
  • It’s really affordable for literally ALL businesses,
  • AND it comes stacked with lots of EC campaigns and templates all done-for-you so you’ve just got to literally flick the switch and turn ‘em on.

Oh, and it can replace most of your current marketing software subscriptions – which means you’ll also save buckets full of cash each month as well.

Yes, you really can have the best system in the world
AND save money at the same time (told you it was insane…)

With GenieAI you can capture leads via landing pages, forms, calendars, or inbound phone calls.

You can nurture those leads automagically via calls, text messages, emails, & Messenger.
All WITHIN the system. You don’t need anything else.

You can close those leads with built-in tools for payments and analytics - including call tracking.

You can create webinar funnels, set up automated follow-up campaigns, AND schedule appointments in your sales persons diary all IN the GenieAI system.

It really is the system you’ve been waiting for…

It does everything you’ve always wanted to make your marketing proper and professional.

We’ve basically taken the best bits from every other system out there…

…fully loaded it with lots of EC campaigns, funnels & templates that are all set up for you…

…made it super easy to use…

…and we're giving it ALL to you for just a fraction of the costs of the alternatives. 

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Let GenieAI build you world class marketing systems, workflow automations, funnels, and more…

Workflow Automations
You’ll be able to automate so much with GenieAI. Just drag and drop to create a flowchart like structure because all the functionality is built in to the system. Get a lead from Facebook – the system can ping them a text within seconds, with a link to book a time to meet or call. It can then follow up the following day all without you lifting a finger and it’s soooooo easy to set up.

Email Marketing
As you’d expect it has a brilliant email marketing function. You can create emails from scratch, use the EC campaign templates that are included for you or use the fab AI interface that will literally write your emails for you.

Two Way Texting
No other system in the UK comes with 2 way text messaging. Other systems can send text messages out but with Genie AI your prospects and customers can reply to your texts straight into the system as well… so expect massive engagement uplifts and conversion surges and it’s so easy to use.

Integrated AI
It’s called GenieAI for a reason! There’s soooooo much cutting-edge AI tech included in here to make your life easy. It will use AI to write your emails for you (it’ll even give you three variations to choose from!). You can use AI to create images - right there in the system. You can use AI to respond to incoming chat messages - you can get ChatGPT to write replies to emails and automate them all – and it’s all done IN the system. 

Marketing Funnels
GenieAI comes with unlimited sales and marketing funnels – you can easily import existing funnels from places like ClickFunnels or design your own using a super simple drag and drop interface – and there’s a bunch of the EC’s most successful funnels already loaded for you to simply swipe and deploy.

Form & Survey Builder
You can create polls or surveys with GenieAI to get customer feedback or to generate leads (so you won’t need tools like Survey Monkey anymore) …and they integrate beautifully with the built-in page builder OR you can embed them on your own Site.

Reviews Management
Make your Google Reviews explode! Systematically collecting reviews is no longer a challenge with GenieAI’s Reputation Management features. We’ll help you automatically collect reviews from your customers AND respond to those reviews (including using AI if you wish!) so your online presence looks better than ever…

Outbound & Inbound Calls
Super-simple ‘click-to-call’ technology means you have integrated calling within the system – as well as full two-way SMS capability – plus call recording and tracking numbers…

Invoicing & Payments
GenieAI integrates directly with Stripe and PayPal so you can collect payments on your websites, or even when someone books an appointment – and linking to your book-keeping system is a breeze as well…

Landing Pages
With GenieAI all the landing pages you’ll ever need are included. You get unlimited pages, easily created either by amending the pre-loaded top-performing EC templates provided or by using our simple ‘no-code’ drag and drop tool. Host them in the system at the click of a button or embed them on your own site if you prefer. Either way, it’s super-easy. Promise!

Appointment Calendars
Lots of businesses need a meeting, or an appointment as part of their sales process which is why GenieAI has its own full service calendar application built in so your prospects can book appointments all in one straightforward workflow – so you no longer need Calendly (or any other calendar subscription) because it’s all included.

Full Website Builder
GenieAI has the most intuitive platform that enables you to create full featured websites with custom menus with zero coding knowledge– using our ‘drag-and-drop’ tools. There’s a bunch of great-looking EC templates provided, or you can start from scratch. You’ll be amazed at just how easy – and functionally rich – it is.

Webchat Widget
GenieAI has an integrated Chat widget for your website so you have Live Chat functionality all included IN the system and everything comes in to your ‘Omnichannel Inbox’ so it’s easy for you to manage. 

Courses & Memberships
You can create a thriving community by using the GenieAI Membership Platform that works just like Kajabi does - all included – so you can build full courses with unlimited video hosting. You can sell courses or offer them for free - its up to you - but you’ll have unlimited users, offers, and products for all your courses. Amazing huh!

Social Media Planner
You can integrate all your social media channels so everything comes into one place. You can schedule posts in GenieAI and if someone DMs you it goes straight into your Omnichannel Inbox. The system can even answer questions or have a conversation with your prospects using the AI!

Omnichannel Inbox
Imagine ALL your inbound messages and leads – whatever the source – all coming into one place. From messages from your Google Business Profile, DMs on Insta, clicks on Facebook Lead Ads, responses to emails or texts you’ve sent and much, much more, EVERYTHING comes in to your GenieAI inbox. No more logging on to twenty-seven places each day or week to see who’s been in touch or what question they’ve asked…

Follow Up
You’ll be able to seamlessly – and automatically - connect and follow up with your leads through Phone, Voicemail, Text Message, Emails, and Facebook Messenger – and their responses all come back into the system - so you have a single view of everything. AND it comes packed with existing, proven, EC campaigns that you can swipe and deploy with just a couple of clicks…

GenieAI’s multi-channel campaigns allow you to fully professionalise and automate world-class follow ups AND capture engaged responses from all your leads. It really will take your marketing to another level. And because there are so many EC created sequences included and set up as templates all ready to go – making it happen is super easy for you…

Pipeline Management
GenieAI’s built-in Pipeline Management feature enables you to keep track of where all your leads are and what stage they are at in your sales funnel – just like Pipedrive (so you won’t need that any more!)

Mobile App
The GenieAI mobile app enables you to keep track of all the key elements of your system when you’re on the go – and it’s INCLUDED in your subscription.

Google Integration
You can link GenieAI with your Google Business Profile so that any and all messages you get thru Google also come straight into your Omnichannel Inbox. In addition, your Google Ad stats can all appear in your Dashboard…

Analytics & Reporting
Your GenieAI Dashboard keeps an overview of everything: where your leads are, how much you’ve generated on each phase of your funnels etc. You can link up your Google Ads and Facebook Ads so you can view analytics and monitor the performance of all your paid ads in one place.

EC Content
At EC we have dozens of marketing campaigns, emails, landing pages and automations that we know work really well – because they’ve been proved time and time again. And now you can use them, with just a couple of clicks, because they’re all set-up and included in GenieAI so your implementation just got a thousand times faster – and a million times easier. You’re welcome…

Unlimited Hosting
With GenieAI your costs won’t grow as your business grows. So much of what Genie provides in UNLIMITED – and that includes unlimited video hosting, unlimited landing page hosting (on our platform) and unlimited Wordpress website hosting. So you can wave goodbye to your Vimeo or Wistia accounts and say ‘Farewell’ to separate website hosting bills for any Wordpress sites. (GenieAI uses Google Cloud to host your Wordpress website).

Unlimited Contacts
At its core is GenieAI is a leading-edge CRM software that you can connect to every web page and social media channel that you use so it can capture and nurture leads and track which bits of your marketing are working. And unlike almost every other system out there, you have unlimited contacts in the CRM so as your business grows your bill won’t!

Up to 10 Seats Included
Did you know that when you add another members of staff to your marketing system – whatever system it is – the suppliers costs don’t go up!! Seriously, it costs them nothing to create an extra login for your new Marketing Assistant - so why do they charge you so much for it?! At GenieAI your first TEN seats/staff members are included in your core subscription, so your costs won’t grow as your business does.

Are you beginning to see why so many business owners are so excited about GenieAI and, most importantly, how it can help YOU to get so much more stuff IMPLEMENTED properly?

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GenieAI gives you all the tools you need – in one place –
without you having to ‘duct-tape’ everything together.

It will take your business to a whole new level of efficiency and competence, with the added power of automation and AI.

Make your marketing ‘proper’, stop the leaks in your bucket and finally cancel all your monthly software subscriptions and save a lot of money.

GenieAI really is the complete system.

Once you’ve got it set up you can stop paying for any other CRM – this will do everything they can.

You can stop paying for any funnel builder, or email system you might be using because you won’t need them anymore.

It’ll replace your chat bot.

It’ll replace any video player software that you’re using.

It replaces your Calendly subscription or similar.

Any shopping cart you’re paying for can be replaced by it.

Any online course or membership software, like Kajabi, can be replaced by this.

In simple terms, for most EC members, you’ll save way more money with all the subscriptions you cancel than GenieAI costs you.

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World-Class In-House Support Team

We're sparing no expense when it comes to providing stellar on-boarding and support to GenieAI users, and so we're building a full-time, in-house team of support staff and experts to help you troubleshoot, set-up and get the most out of the system!

They're available on live chat, phone calls and on Zoom and together with our extensive knowledge centre and on-boarding video series - mean that you'll never get stuck or frustrated with the technical side of GenieAI.

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Your Investment

To join GenieAI today you have to pay a one off £99 +VAT Set-Up Fee to secure your slot.

Then your monthly subscription will be just £129 +VAT per month for as long as you’re an EC member.

We’re locking that price in and our intention is that the EC Member price won’t change. Like, ever, for anyone who joins in this next 'wave'. That’s the plan.

You see, what frustrates us most about the CRM systems is their pricing model. They charge you per seat, per staff member or per contact - which is crazy because, spoiler alert, those things don’t cost them a penny to provide! 

So at GenieAI we’re doing things differently. If it doesn’t cost us a penny, it’s not going to cost you a penny.

You can have up to 10 team members, unlimited contacts, unlimited web pages, unlimited funnels, templates - almost everything is unlimited and included in your subscription.

Also included is £30 of ‘usage’ credits every month.

That translates to you being able to send over 30,000 emails a month without paying a penny extra or about 3,000 texts… or get the AI to write you about 280,000 words… 

The point is – your ‘included’ usage is plenty. Trust me. And it’s fair. 

You only pay for what you use… and your first £30 of usage is included in your subscription… which means that almost every business will never pay anything extra for usage.

There’s an annual subscription option at checkout if you’d prefer to save a bit and to be clear, there’s no contract or tie in. You can cancel at any time.

Not an EC Member?
GenieAI will cost £299 per month to non EC members when it’s launched to the world – and non-members don’t get all those usage credits either.

To start using GenieAI click the button below:

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Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve compiled all of the questions people have asked us about GenieAI and put the answers to them all here:

If you’ve got questions, the answer is almost certainly on that page. So check it out, get your answer, and get started!

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