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Midge Bennett

My name is Midge Bennett and I am passionate about helping recruitment companies grow and succeed.  

I have over 30 years’ experience in recruitment, founding, growing and selling companies.

If you are looking to grow your business in a planned way using tried and tested sales and marketing systems, then let’s talk. Fill in the form below and we can schedule an introductory call to see how I can help you crack the rhythmic acquisition of quality customers.

The 6 key things successful recruitment owners already know and do 

A client recently asked my views on what successful SME recruitment owners know to focus on and do 

A client recently put me on the spot and asked my views on what successful recruitmebusiness owners know to focus on and do when there is so much to distract them day to day. He was struggling to step back and focus on the really important things to drive the business. Or ‘to get out of the weeds’ as he called it, a common issue for many SME owners. After we discussed and debated this I thought I’d share my thoughts on ‘6 key things a successful business owner already knows and does’ via video. 

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