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Dom Walton

Many business owners and entrepreneurs get stuck in the weeds, drawn into day-to-day time-sucking activities, they let other peoples interruptions set their agenda. Somewhere along the way their passion becomes a job.

It can happen easily, I have been there in the weeds, right in there, rolling naked in the nettles – it is not a good place.

With the Entrepreneurs Marketing System I can guide you to a place of clarity, where you can take back control and realise the passion that got you started.

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What my FANTASTIC clients say...


"Thanks Dom, you're a good teacher."  Barry Ford

"A great thanks, mate. Really made a difference in my life. You're a legend."  John Ruigrok

"Dear Dom, You are marvellous!! Thank you for all your brilliance."  Helen Harper

"Dom is brilliant." Pamela Newman

"Dom Walton's service is exemplary in every way, excellent."  Hamish Mahht

"Thank you Dom, haven't looked back, brilliant."  Debbie Sitton

"Have been dealing with Dom for years.  Brilliant in every way, no we are not related and have never met!"  Phil Williams

"The help I received from Dom Walton and his advice was most heartwarming.  I can only heap praise on the first class service."  Peter Cutler

"Thank you Dom your service is excellent."  Ian Smith

"Dom is someone who understands the difficulties people face from a first-hand perspective. I really can't recommend highly enough."  Peter Lovekin

"Dom is was extremely helpful and well informed."  Sheila SheaI

"Would not hesitate to recommend Dom, certainly knows his stuff!"  Michael Stunell

"Above all, I like Dom's attitude and professionalism. Great customer service."  Carmen O'Malley

"The personal touch from Dom makes you feel like you are a special customer."  Jenny Spencer

"Dom, you are a superstar, and I am forever grateful!"  Fred Ashworth

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The EC 'Double Your Investment' Guarantee

We're so confident in the proven methods we deploy with our clients to crack the rhythmic acquisition of customers that we offer a unique 'Double Your Investment' Guarantee.

Become a client and work with me to implement the Entrepreneurs Marketing System and I guarantee that by the end of our time together you'll have more than doubled your investment! (even Warren Buffet can't guarantee you that!)

I expect that your returns will actually be much more than double your investment but in the highly unlikely case where we've implemented the proven systems and strategies in your business and you haven't at least doubled your investment I'll make up the difference and double it for you!

That's how confident I am in the results we can generate. I'm willing to put my money where my mouth is so that the very worst case scenario is that you ONLY double your money!

Terms & Conditions: The EC 'Double Your Investment' Guarantee.