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Convention Overview Convention Overview

The Getting & Keeping Customers Convention 2020

ICC Birmingham, Sunday 22 March, Monday 23 March, Tuesday 24 March

In March 2020 Entrepreneurs Circle will be 10 years old and we’re celebrating that milestone with the biggest, most impactful event we’ve ever put on.

The EC Community is coming together for three whole days – and you have to be there.

You’ll be out of your normal environment, surrounded by and meeting with smart, like-minded, ambitious business owners...

Your head space will be freed to focus on the big picture.

You’ll be working ON your business, developing your knowledge and skills.

Hearing from genuine business experts with cutting-edge content.

Getting insights. Ideas. And inspiration.

It will be the single biggest and best business event in the UK next year – all focused on equipping you to get and keep customers like you’ve never done before.

The MUST-ATTEND Business Event of the Year

  • 1,500 attendees.
  • 3 solid days of eye-widening, highly practical content from Nigel and the team.
  • 7 celebrity guest speakers – all focused on helping you to get better and more effective at getting and keeping customers, growing your revenue and your profits.
  • It’s called the Getting and Keeping Customers Convention because that’s exactly what it’s all about: getting and keeping customers for your business.

As well as Nigel and the EC team we've pulled together our most impressive line-up of speakers ever across the three days. Speaking at the Getting & Keeping Customer Convention will be:

Andrew McMillan

Andrew McMillan
Famed for its legendary customer service, Andrew McMillan’s role in defining the John Lewis brand has been key to its success today. Andrew will be drawing upon his three decades at John Lewis to share unique insights on keeping customers.

Rory Sutherland

Rory Sutherland
Rory Sutherland is Creative Director at the Ogilvy Group one of the most successful ad agencies ever. He is a truly brilliant speaker, a highly acclaimed educator and his content may very well blow your mind. One of the highlights of the Convention for sure.

Helena Langdon

Helena Langdon
As Head of Digital at Innocent Smoothies Helena sheds an entertaining light on Innocents approach to social media and customer service. Illustrating how a willingness to communicate with personality has proved invaluable to the growth of the brand. She’ll also be sharing how she made a stapler go viral (!) and other practical insights that could change how you view social media forever.

Rob Law

Rob Law
Rob Law is the creator of Trunki (the first ride-on suitcase for kids) and a fierce slayer of TV Dragons (including Peter Jones!). Rob’s bumpy ride on the way to bringing a new product to market against all odds, overcoming the challenges around design, manufacture and export will give you fascinating and inspirational insights...

Set to be the highlight of your business calendar next year, The Getting and Keeping Customers Convention will be a genuinely life changing 3-days for everyone in attendance.

Never before have we shared so much practical content, and brought together so many famous faces to share their stories.

Peter Jones

Peter Jones
Peter needs no introduction as one of the UK’s leading entrepreneurs and renowned ‘Dragon’. He’s built a business empire worth in excess of £200 million; his diverse business interests span mobile phones, media, leisure and property and he’ll be bringing all his wisdom, advice and experience to the Convention in March.

Piers Morgan

Piers Morgan
‘There’s no money in the middle’ has long been a strong principle of EC marketing and arguably no one in the public eye has better manifested this thinking than Piers Morgan. Love him or hate him there’s no denying his success and at the Convention you’ll get real insights from one of the most controversial media personalities of recent times in what promises to be one of the most engaging and fascinating sessions of the three days.

David Walliams
National Entrepreneur Of The Year Award Hosted By David Walliams - Monday 23 March

David Walliams
He out-sold JK Rowling in both 2017 and 2018 to become the most successful author in Britain with sales of over £32m but of course he’s even better known for Little Britain, Sport Relief and Britain’s Got Talent. Hugely entertaining but also a very smart cookie when it comes to business, David will be interviewed on stage on Monday afternoon and then, later that evening he will be hosting the seventh National Entrepreneurs Awards.

Many people will be paying more than the special cost of your Pass just to come to the Convention BUT your ticket is INCLUDED when you secure your Pass for 2020 before the end of December.

Secure Your EC Unlimited Pass For 2020
Nigel's Masterclasses Overview

Nigel's Masterclasses

Over the last five years many of the biggest breakthroughs, for hundreds of EC members, have come at one of Nigel’s ‘Advanced Masterclasses’ – because these are the events where you think differently and more deeply about your business and your life.

It’s powerful stuff and we’ll be doing it again in 2020.

Four times.

There’ll be FOUR, in-depth, BRAND-NEW, TWO DAY events with Nigel, all designed for business owners.

Any ONE of these Masterclass events is worth more than the cost of an Unlimited Pass on its own, such will be the impact.

To sustainably grow any business, you have to grow the business owner.
For 2020 to be your break-through year YOU have to grow your thinking, your understanding and your knowledge of business - which is what these Masterclass events are all about.

Most businesses are held back and stopped from reaching their potential by what the business owner either doesn’t know – or doesn’t do.
We’re fixing both of those things at these FOUR Masterclasses.

Nigel on Masterclass Stage

Below this tab you can find the details of the FOUR brand new Advanced Masterclasses for 2020

"Deep conversations with the right people are priceless."

New Venue

Below this tab you can find the details of the FOUR brand new Advanced Masterclasses for 2020

"Deep conversations with the right people are priceless."

Secure Your EC Unlimited Pass For 2020
Masterclass 1 Overview

EMS The Entrepreneurs Marketing System

Monday December 16 2019 & Tuesday December 17 2019

Cracking the rhythmic acquisition of customers for your business

rhythmic - Adjective

  1. having or relating to rhythm. synonyms: pulsing, with a steady pulse, rhythmical, measured, throbbing, beating, pulsating, repeated, regular, steady, even, paced
  2. occurring regularly.

When you have a consistent, predictable, rhythmic flow of customers coming in to your business, life is good.
It’s the holy grail of business.
The most important thing.

In this BRAND NEW Masterclass, Nigel will walk you through the powerful, practical and simple SYSTEM for making the rhythmic acquisition of customers a reality in your business.

How many do you need?
How much can you afford to pay to get them?
What should you do to make it happen?

Over two days you’ll discover the system and model AND begin to implement and make it happen in your business.

You’ll go away from this Masterclass with:

  • clarity on what the rhythmic acquisition of customers really looks like for you.
  • a deep understanding of how to make it happen
    and why 2020 will be different to any previous year for you;
  • a clear Marketing Plan for the whole of 2020
  • some of the work already implemented and executed

If you aspire to getting the rhythmic acquisition of customers properly implemented in your business then you can’t afford to miss this unique two day event.

Secure Your EC Unlimited Pass For 2020
Masterclass 2 Overview


Monday May 18 2020 & Tuesday May 19 2020

LinkedIn has the potential to be THE dominant marketing pillar for most B2B businesses.

Yet it is misunderstood and ineffectively used by almost everyone.

At this TWO DAY Masterclass you’ll discover AND implement the practical strategies and tactics to make LinkedIn properly work for you.

This is NOT a listen and learn session. These will be an immersive two days full of implementation where you’ll walk away having already DONE most of the work needed to turn LinkedIn into the customer generating machine it should be for your business.

We’ll optimise your profile, right there in the room. We’ll craft winning messages, hone your approach and map out the exact campaign structure you need to follow, all there on the day...

We’ll be going DEEP and equipping you with the tools and templates to make a real difference to your business.

No theory – just proven tried and tested techniques that work.

In our agency, LinkedIn is established as one of the top marketing pillars that we deploy for many of our clients to bring them a consistent, rhythmic flow of highly qualified leads and enquiries and we’ll share with you exactly how we make that happen so that you can deploy it too.

LinkedIn is also a brilliant tool to help you find and attract people of the right calibre to come and work with you on your team – and we’ll guide you through exactly how to use it for that as well.


As with most things in life, ‘It ain't what you do, it’s the way that you do it, that’s what gets results’ and nowhere is that more true than with LinkedIn.

Eliminate ‘Bananarama Syndrome’ from your business with regard to LinkedIn. Be in the room with Nigel and the team for this cutting-edge two day Masterclass after which you’ll go home with much of the implementation already done and executed.

Bring your laptop. This is a practical hands-on, do-it-whilst-you’re-there, event.

Secure Your EC Unlimited Pass For 2020
Masterclass 3 Overview

Ad Astra - to the stars

Wednesday July 1 2020 & Thursday July 2 2020

How to properly SCALE your business...

This Masterclass is for business owners who have genuine high ambitions to transform their business and their lifestyle - and who are prepared to look in the mirror.

It’s for people who are serious about accelerating the rate of change, getting real results and building long-lasting sustainable success in their business.

If that’s you then make sure you are in the room for these TWO DAYS in Birmingham.

Many entrepreneurs feel overwhelmed and adrift at some point; in a business fog, not knowing who to turn to or which way to go next.

You feel anxious and have sleepless nights worrying about your business.

All too often, you end up running around like a headless chicken in a panic, reacting to ‘surprises’.

You and your team get frustrated time and time again as the business repeats the same mistakes.

Self-doubt creeps in and you lose confidence in yourself and your business.

You worry about failure and eventually you get bored, dis-engaged, and fall out of love with your business. You become stuck in a rut.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Over TWO days Nigel and Martin Norbury (below) will go deep into the SCALE model that has worked so well and had such profound impact on so many EC businesses.

You’ll go away with a system – and a proper understanding of how to deploy it - that really can solve all the problems and challenges in your business and enable you to properly SCALE up.

Martin Norbury

S is for Set up of Strategy:
You need to start with the end in mind so that you can measure the results. Getting absolute clarity is so important. Your vision, your values, your brand promise.

C is for Congruence:
Ensuring that everything and everyone who needs to be involved understands their role (and the goal), and the systems and processes in place that support the business so it can run without you.

A is for Alerts & Alarms:
The importance of measuring the activity that creates the result and highlighting when it is not met. The “business” needs to tell us if it is not working.

L is for Lessons Learned:
A growing business is an evolving business – if you want to scale-up and exit then you need to be dedicated to continuous improvement.

E is for Execution Experiment, Expand:
This is all about focussing on the execution strategies to expand; releasing your involvement and giving you the freedom you want.

**Because of its intimate, hands-on format this Masterclass is only available to 2020 Gold or VIP Unlimited Passholders**

You can upgrade to Gold or VIP once you have purchased your 2020 Unlimited Pass.

Martin Norbury is known as the Scalability Coach and is famous within the EC for the significant contribution he’s made to Nigel’s Mastermind Groups over the past 6 years. He’s a former CEO of a PLC, was voted one of Britains Top 10 Business Advisors in 2018 and is author of “I Don’t Work Fridays”.

Martin Norbury

Secure Your EC Unlimited Pass For 2020
Masterclass 4 Overview

Money - The making of a fortune, built to last...

Thursday October 1 2020 & Friday October 2 2020

This will be a very different Masterclass to any of the others next year.

These two days will be about THINKING and APPLIED THINKING rather than an amalgamation of things to do and how to do them.

It’s all about your wealth.

It will be two days up close and personal with Nigel.

At a recent 2019 Masterclass we spoke about how less can be more.

  • Less turnover but more profit.
  • Less work hours per week but more growth.
  • Less staff but more holidays and time away from the office for you.

These are not fanciful aspirations or far-away dreams and in this Masterclass, Nigel will lay out the steps to make it happen.

He also has plenty of stories to share about people like you who are making this happen.

Ten years since we started out, the EC now has lots of closet millionaires. Many, many more are on their way to joining them. They may not all be sat on seven figures of cash (although some are) but they have a business worth a sizeable seven (or eight) figure sum.

They’ve made a fortune – built to last – and we’ll be exploring how they did it and dissecting the elements.

Know for sure that Nigel has deeper more important things to share about this topic than ever before and that this event will be a fitting climax to our 2020 Quartet of Masterclasses...

Steve Powell

"Back home from my first ever EC Masterclass, and all I can say is WOW!

Having been on courses in the past, had business coaches, and mentors, NOBODY has given me the level of info and thinking that Nigel gave me today.

It was absolutely amazing, driving back my mind was in overdrive with the new implementation I want and NEED to add to my business."

Steve Powell | EKA Martial Arts

Secure Your EC Unlimited Pass For 2020
Deep Dives Overview

DEEP DIVES | Interactive, Focused, Online Learning - Like Proper Implementation Journeys - but BETTER!

Formally known as Proper Implementation Journeys - ‘Deep Dives’ do exactly what they say on the tin. We dive deep into a particular topic and give you not just the high level overview, but the nitty-gritty details and support that enable you to actually implement. Properly.

You’ll have access to TEN Deep Dives in 2020. Each takes place within one single calendar month.

The Deep Dives will include:

  • online video modules
  • downloadable toolkits
  • slide decks AND
  • interactive Zoom calls

...so you get the hands-on help and support you need to implement each topic properly in your business.

*Hands-on interactive support is INCLUDED in each Deep Dive.*

This isn’t just learning - it’s about I-M-P-L-E-M-E-N-T-A-T-I-O-N

Here’s what we’re diving deep on together in 2020:


1. Flyers
Discover how to properly craft a winning flyer that consistently delivers results for you and your business again and again.

Your Numbers

2. Your Numbers
Properly get to grips with your businesses numbers. Profit, margins, operational cash flow – everything you need to know as a business owner is covered in detail. It’s like a mini-MBA for entrepreneurs.

Direct Mail

3. Direct Mail
Discover how to make direct mail properly work for you and your business and how to turn the post-box into a genuine sales and profit machine.


4. Follow-Up
Most businesses are throwing sales away because they haven’t got their follow-up properly sorted. Nail down your follow-up in this Deep Dive to make sure you’re not letting anyone slip through the cracks!

Getting Meetings

5. Getting Meetings
If there’s a meeting or substantive phone call in your sales process this Deep Dive is for you; you’ll discover – and implement – the proven tactics and techniques to generate meetings with your dream clients.

Tracking Your Marketing

6. Tracking Your Marketing
Where do most of your sales come from? Are you cash positive on your marketing? Is it even working at all?! Answer these questions and more after this Deep Dive into how to properly track your marketing – whatever it is!

Getting a World Class Team

7. Getting a World Class Team
To properly scale any business you need to grow a team of highly skilled, passionate employees around you – and in this Deep Dive you’ll discover how to find the good ones, train and manage them and even fire the ones who go wrong...


8. Positioning
How can you and your business be seen as THE go-to people for what you do? Imagine a world where people naturally think of YOU when they’re in the market for what you offer and how much easier it would be to get new customers… this Deep Dive is about how to do exactly that.


9. YouTube
Dive deep into how you could be using YouTube as a key marketing channel for your business to get found, attract customers and more!

Facebook Messenger Bots

10. Facebook Messenger Bots
Unlock the huge power of an automated Facebook Messenger Bot in your business as we dive deep into messenger marketing – it’s the future!

With a 2020 Unlimited Pass you’ll be able to access and join us on any and all of the Deep Dives running next year – and of course, you'll have the recordings so you can catch up or refresh your memory later on.

PLUS... You’ll keep access to all the 2019 Proper Implementation Journeys

Secure Your EC Unlimited Pass For 2020
Open House Overview

OPEN HOUSE | Implementation 101

Get More Stuff Done... at EC HQ

One of the biggest challenges to making progress with your business and your marketing is finding the time to get things done.

When you’re at work, in the day-to-day, the BIG important stuff can easily get lost or pushed down the pile.

To help all of our Passholders get more implementation done next year we’re opening ECHQ for you to come and work here.

We’ve set aside 101 working days in 2020 when the EC House will be open for 2020 Passholders.

You can come and work on your business – free from distraction.

You’ll be pampered courtesy of Matt the Butler (below) and, if they’re available, EC experts will be on hand to provide added insights to help accelerate your progress.

(We love nothing more than helping EC Passholders make dramatic progress!)

Get out of your normal environment and focus on getting the important s**t done.

Come with your plan and execute.

Matt the Butler - ECHQ is centrally located near the NEC and Birmingham International Airport/Railway Station

As a 2020 Unlimited Pass holder you can come and work ON your business at ECHQ on 101 different dates next year.

Our Open House days are shown in yellow below:

101 Open House Dates

101 Open House Dates

Passholders are limited to a maximum of two Open House days per Quarter in 2020.

Secure Your EC Unlimited Pass For 2020
Business Growth Central Overview

Business Growth Central with Nigel Botterill

The Nation’s Favourite Bi-Weekly, Business Focused, Online TV Show

In 2020 we’ll be airing 25 brand new episodes of everyone’s favourite bi-weekly, business focussed, online TV show – Business Growth Central.

The NEW and UPDATED version of the programme will last for 45 minutes an episode and cover even more practical, tangible business growth strategies (as well as the usual sprinkling of irreverence and fun!).

Available on Podcast: due to overwhelming demand, in 2020 we’ll be converting episodes of Business Growth Central into audio Podcasts so you can get your BGC fix wherever you are

Secure Your EC Unlimited Pass For 2020
Monday Marketing Clinics Overview

Monday Marketing Clinics

Unprecedented access to the EC Team
(including Nigel!)

As an EC Unlimited Pass Holder, every Monday in 2020 you’ll be able to access one of the EC’s senior team and get input into your marketing.

These ‘Marketing Clinics’ will all take place at 4pm on every working Monday in 2020 where either Nigel, Cameron or other senior members of the EC team will be available to answer your marketing questions, brainstorm ideas and critique your work.

The Clinics will all take place via Zoom video calls and slots on the calls will be allocated on a ‘first-come-first-served’ basis each week.

Only 2020 EC Unlimited Passholders will have access to these Clinics and that means that when you need help, insight or support - we’ll be there for you.

[Put 4pm every Monday in your calendar!]

Secure Your EC Unlimited Pass For 2020
EC Membership Overview EC Membership Overview

EC Membership - The Full Enchilada

Your 2020 Unlimited Pass INCLUDES full EC membership for the whole of 2020 (so there’s nothing more to pay).

The Circular, The Vault, EC Deals, the Implementation Plans, Facebook Group etc. they’re all included with your 2020 Pass.

Secure Your EC Unlimited Pass For 2020
Secure Your EC Unlimited Pass For 2020


 Can I bring my partner and/or team to the events?

Yes of course, you can purchase individual tickets to all of our events next year for guests and partners. If they’re going to be joining you at most events next year it might be worth getting them their own Unlimited Pass. Gold and VIP Pass holders get big discounts on guest tickets.

 Can I buy tickets to individual events?

Yes, but you’ll save very large sums by investing in an Unlimited Pass PLUS you’ll get all the other benefits as explained on this page.

 Is there a VIP version of the Pass?

Yes. It’s pretty cool and comes with some major benefits including; priority booking, copies of slide decks, workbooks, better seating, discounted guest tickets, photos with celebrity guests, an exclusive Masterclass event in July 2020 and more!

 How do I upgrade to VIP?

The first step is to secure your Unlimited Pass. When you do you’ll have the option to upgrade to VIP on the ‘thank you page’.

 Why are there restrictions on VIP numbers next year?

There are only 139 VIP places available next year. This is for two reasons:

  1. Strict contractual restrictions on the number of photographs our 2020 celebrity guests will agree to;
  2. Limited seating at the ICC for the Convention. Only VIP guests will get a table with their seat at the ICC and there are only 139 of them available.

You can upgrade to VIP as soon as you’ve secureed your Pass. VIP Places will be allocated strictly on a first-come-first-served basis so the sooner you secure your Pass the more likely you are to be able to grab one of the 139 VIP slots.

 I’m a Ludify, Mastermind or Inner Circle member, do I still have to pay for VIP?

Yes – unlike previous years, due to very strict capacity issues with our VIP Passes, everyone who wants a VIP upgrade will need to purchase it.

 Do I still get access to the Livestreams & recordings in 2020?

Yes. All of our events will be recorded so if you can’t attend them ‘LIVE’ you can catch up afterwards AND all of our events except the Getting and Keeping Customers Convention will also be livestreamed so you can tune in from your home or office.

 How are the Deep Dives delivered?

The Deep Dives will vary between live-streamed video sessions, pre-recorded video training sessions and live, interactive Zoom Calls so you can ask your questions and get help right away. 2020 Pass Holders also get access to the recordings of all Deep Dives so if you miss one or want to revisit it later in the year you can!

 Where are the events being held in 2020?

The 3-Day Convention will be held at the prestigious ICC in Birmingham and Nigel’s Advanced Masterclasses will be held at The Vox within Resorts World, near the NEC.

 Can I get a photo with the celebrity guests?

Yes. There will be photos but only VIP Passholders will have a photo with each celebrity. If getting a photo is important to you, then you should upgrade to VIP.

 When can I register my place at the events for next year?

Registration for all 2020 events will open in October and will be done within the EC Vault. If you secure your Pass in December, you’re guaranteed a seat at any/all events you want to attend in person next year.

 If I choose to pay monthly, can I stop my payments before 12 months is up?

No. You will be contractually obliged to fulfil all 12 payments.

 Can I get my money back or cancel my Pass?

No. All Unlimited Passes are non-refundable.

Secure Your EC Unlimited Pass For 2020

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