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Review Generation

How do you effectively and efficiently generate great reviews for your business?

Automate the process of asking for a review.

Make it as easy as possible for your customers to leave a review by providing links to your preferred review sites.

Grade.us makes the process of asking for reviews easy for businesses.

Review Funnel Layouts

Guide happy customers to the review sites important to you and recover unhappy customers before they share a negative experience publicly. Or direct all customers to the review sites of your choice with as few clicks as possible.

Review Generation Tools

Install a ‘Review Us’ button on any page of your website.

Drive in-store and offline customers to your review funnel with QR codes on printed marketing materials, like business cards, signage, and advertising.

Add review requests to every email correspondence, company-wide, with email signature snippets.

Review marketing adds credibility to your website and your business.

Grade.us makes the process easy. Automate sharing your reviews on social media channels and your website.

Website Review Stream Widget

Embed a review stream widget or use our review stream Wordpress plugin to showcase your best reviews and directly collected testimonials right on your website.

Create a Custom Review Landing Page

Use a unique to you Grade.us web address to collect reviews on a branded landing page.

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