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Operation Inoculation

Discover The 16 Point Lockdown Checklist Every Small Business Owner Needs To Follow (before the end of February!) to still make 2021 their best year yet (despite all the sh*t the virus (and Boris!!) has thrown at you!)

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What You'll Discover:

During this urgent online session Entrepreneurs Circle founder, Nigel Botterill will be sharing the essential steps YOU need to take in the next 2-months to not only survive the rest of 2021, but thrive in it too!

Must-Do Actions To Follow

Quick Wins

Interactive Q&A

Downloadable Worksheets

Your 16-Point Lockdown Checklist

On this LIVE, fast-paced, high energy broadcast from the
Entrepreneurs Circle studio near the NEC in the heart of the UK you'll discover:

  • How to 'control the controllables' in this topsy-turvy, lockdown infested world that we find ourselves;
  • The FIVE things you MUST do this month even if your business is completely shut-down right now (these are essential if you're to maximise big returns on Freedom Day when it comes...)
  • Three super-cool marketing strategies that cost virtually nothing, work brilliantly during lockdown and make you stand out from the crowd (they can even bring in big ticket sales with surprising ease...)
  • Despite what you might hear in the media, tens of thousands of businesses across the country - and millions of households - are all sat on record piles of cash right now and they will spend it in 2021. We'll be covering off how you can get more than your fair share of it once it starts to flow (which it will!!). This is key to propelling you to you best year ever...
  • The three mistakes that most businesses are making with their customer communication that will cost them dearly as the country emerges from lockdown (this is so sad and so avoidable but so many businesses have fallen victim to it)
  • Selling in a Pandemic – how your customers’ buying behaviours have changed radically and the changes you need to make to your website to deal with it
  • Online Video - the Facts. Why the addition of Online Video consistently increases conversion on websites of between 50% and 200% - but also how ineffective video can actually decrease conversion
  • Vital strategies for B2B and service businesses - including the best way to generate leads and enquiries online AND via social media

It's going to be a 100% P-R-A-C-T-I-C-A-L session, delivered LIVE, and with the opportunity for you to get your questions answered as well.

Your Print-at-Home Workbook:

To make sure you get the most out of the session you'll receive your own print-at-home worksheet to complete during the event.

Why Any Smart Business Owner MUST Watch This Event:

The Coronavirus pandemic, sensationalism in the media and mass public panic that it's caused have made the last 10 months some of the toughest any of us have faced as entrepreneurs.

Getting and keeping customers is the lifeblood of all businesses and is more important (but more challenging!) now more than ever.

Thousands of people have already lost their jobs.

Thousands of businesses have already closed their doors.

The economists say we've already entered the next recession and won't properly 'see the light' until 2022(!) so it's crucial that as small business owners, the backbone of the economy, we do all we can to not just survive this impending storm but thrive in it.

And that’s exactly what this virtual event is all about.

Frequently Asked Questions:

 How much is it?

This is a FREE virtual event. So it costs nothing. It is FREE.

 Can I get the recordings?

The recordings of this virtual event will not be made available to the public. They will only be available to members of Entrepreneurs Circle in the members area.

 Can I share this link with friends/colleagues?

Yes! This is all about bringing the small business community together to ride the waves and come out of this economic storm stronger than ever before. So anything you can do to help get the message out to others is greatly appreciated! Feel free to share this page with anyone you like :)

Meet Your Host:

Nigel Botterill is known as the most sought after business growth expert in the UK, famous for building NINE separate million pound businesses of his own in the last 12 years and founding Entrepreneurs Circle the UK's largest membership organisation dedicated to helping small businesses to grow.

Having helped over 5,000 business owners through the first national lockdown in March, this FREE, VIRTUAL event cuts right to the chase and reveals how we as small businesses can 'recession-proof' our businesses and ensure our survival.

Nigel has one of the best track records at helping small businesses to grow with over 20,000 entrepreneurs growing their sales and profits thanks to his advice, training and coaching.

Nigel Botterill, Entrepreneurs Circle Founder & CEO