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What is Nigel Botterill’s Inner Circle Mastermind?

Get Nigel working with you, coaching you, helping and supporting you towards the achievement of your business goals.

Nigel runs every session, answers every question, critiques every piece of your marketing.

Here’s how it works:

  • Small group – 12 people max.
  • Meet at ECHQ roughly every 7-8 weeks for a full day ‘mastermind’ style session with Nigel.
  • In between sessions you have access to Nige 1:1 on the phone as needed AND he’ll critique all your marketing material.
  • The goal is to move your business markedly towards where you want it to be.
  • The first session will put in place clear goals and a Scorecard. Subsequent sessions will focus on you making the required results happen.
  • You’ll have to be open with your numbers and expect lots of ACCOUNTABILITY.
  • You’ll have Nige in your corner, on your side. He’ll almost certainly end up writing copy for you (he can’t help himself!) and he’ll help you plot your marketing plan and implement it effectively so that you really do crack the rhythmic acquisition of customers.
  • You’ll ‘form’ and bond with the other members of the Group – who’ll all share your determination and drive – and you’ll end up getting way more from their sessions than you do from your own. That always happens.
  • This is ‘Big Boy/Big Girl Pants’ stuff. It doesn’t matter how big your business is right now but it does matter where you want to be. This is for serious entrepreneurs who are serious about shaping their future.
  • The success of Nigel’s Inner Circle and Mastermind groups is legendary. Multiple seven and eight figure exits/business sales, many millionaires created, and a retention rate that averages over 90% for over 10 years (i.e hardly anyone ever leaves, which is instructive in itself!).
  • It’s likely to be the only opportunity this year to work directly with Nigel (his existing Inner Circle and Mastermind groups are all full with no vacancies expected).

Your Commitment

  • If accepted into the Group you’ll be committing for a full year. Plenty of time to make a huge difference to your business.

Your Investment

  • Your investment will be either £799+VAT or £1,199+VAT per month depending on which Group you are part of.

  • Expect your Return on Investment to be enormous – not just in terms of profit and turnover in your business but also in terms of your business education.

Interested? You’ll need to be decisive and move quickly cos there’s always B-I-G demand for this sort of access to Nigel.


Entry to Inner Circle Mastermind is by Application only. To submit an Application Form and receive a full Information Pack complete your details at the bottom of this page or click the button below.

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A short story…

Before you make up your mind about Inner Circle Mastermind let me tell you one short story which might help you.

Back in 2004 I had an opportunity to attend a conference in America. It was being run by a guy called Yanik Silver and it was going to cost me around £2,000 to go, including flights, hotels, the conference fee etc. I agonised over that decision for days.

Two grand was a LOT of money to me back then, so I worried about the cost (my business had only been going a year at this point). I really wanted to go. I flipped and flopped. I was full of angst and anguish but I couldn’t bring myself to book the flight.

Until I spoke to my dad.

My dad was a retired police officer. He knew nothing about business. But I’ll never forget his very wise words down the phone to me that night:

“Nige you’ve taken the leap to go into business on your own, you want to be a success but for that to happen you’ve got a lot to learn. How will you learn new things if you don’t go when you have the opportunity? I think you should get on that plane.”

So I took a bravery pill and did what my dad said (!).

The rest, as they say, is history because that event changed my life. Forever. Everything we’ve done in business over the last 12 years, every success we’ve achieved can be tracked back to that conference.

My decision to go was a real ‘sliding doors’ moment for me and you can read the full story on pages 56-58 of my book ‘Botty’s Rules’.

You’ve got your own ‘sliding doors’ moment coming up now and what’s scary is that you may not even realise it – just like I didn’t over 12 years ago. (It was only AFTER the event that I realised how pivotal my decision was in the same way that it will only be once you’re part of Inner Circle Mastermind that you’ll fully realise and appreciate the significance and impact it will have for you and your family.

Places in Inner Circle Mastermind are rare
and usually only become available once a year.

We are not currently accepting new applications, but you can join the Waiting List to hear about any new openings as soon as they open.

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