The Comprehensive Step-By-Step Programme To Run
Hyper-Profitable Facebook Ads Exclusively For Business Owners

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#1. The Facebook Ad Accelerator Programme
(Value £4,997)

EVERYTHING You Need To Plan, Craft, Run and Optimise Profitable Facebook Ads For Your Business To Generate A Steady
Flow Of Leads, Enquiries And Sales.

The single most comprehensive programme available for business owners today which shows you step by step how to grow your business through Facebook Ads from the team who have been there and done it.

As you might know(!), we’ve built nine separate million pound businesses, spent millions on Facebook Ads and have been teaching on the subject for years with over 10,000 entrepreneurs enrolling on our previous trainings.

Through downloads, exercises, instructional videos, templates, screen-shares and more, once you’ve completed this course you’ll effectively have your own customer generating machine.

Facebook Ad Accelerator Course Content
We’ll help you become a Facebook Ads expert and grow your business, here’s how:

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Module One: Fundamentals and Foundations7 Sections


In the first module of the Facebook Ad Accelerator we make sure your foundations are solid and that everything you need to have ready BEFORE you even think about running ads is all ready to go.

1. Setting Your Foundations

Your pre-launch checklist. Making sure you have everything you need ready to go so that your Facebook Ads campaign has every chance of success.

2. Facebook Advertising 101

In this section you're going to learn about the fundamentals of Facebook ads and get a complete understanding of the basics and overarching principles that govern the success or demise of your campaigns. If you’re completely new to Facebook Ads, this session is for you.

3. The Rule Book

You’ll discover how to be Facebook compliant - how to follow all of Facebook's rules so that you don't get your ads disapproved and most importantly, that you don't get your ads account shut down and banned. It’s really important that you follow the rules because Facebook is very strict with them and people do get their accounts banned. However, if you follow these rules you'll be fine.

4. Profile vs. Page

You need both a Facebook Profile and a Facebook Page – but which is which, and what should you post on each? Are they connected and does one affect the success of the other? You’ll discover all this and more in this session.

5. Creating Your ‘Shop Front’

Your online presence is key to the success of your campaign (as you’ll see!) and so in this session we walk you through the MUST-DO actions you need to take to make sure your businesses ‘Shop Front’ is representing you properly and giving you the best chance of success.

6. Optimising Your Facebook Page

Your Facebook Page is absolutely key to your success with Facebook Ads. And most people don’t give it the attention it deserves. We’ll share how you can optimise your Page for SEO on Facebook and make sure the right people find you (because it will make your ads more effective later on!).

Module Two: Setting Your Strategy6 Sections


In this module we unearth your marketing strategy as a whole. We make sure your Facebook Ads will be working towards achieving what you want them to and work together to craft winning offers that will get people jumping at the chance to talk to you and buy.

1. The Three M’s

You’ll discover the secret to success with ALL marketing, not just Facebook Ads. The ‘three M’s’ are infamous and will change the way you look at your marketing, and your Facebook Ads forever.

2. Your Customer Avatar

In this module we go deep into your ideal customer. Not your current customers – but your dream ones. The people you love to deal with, that pay you the most and that you want to attract with your Facebook Ads. This exercise will alter your perception of your target market and be invaluable for your business for years to come.

3. Your Sales Funnel

In this module we run through the process of taking a total stranger and converting them into a customer. Your sales funnel will form a crucial part of your Facebook campaigns (and other marketing) so getting this right will assure success later down the line.

4. Your Opening Offer

Discover the most effective ‘offers’ for Facebook Ads. What works, what doesn’t work and what YOU should be offering prospects to get them to take action and get in touch. This is very important and is a MUST-DO for anyone looking to advertise on Facebook.

5. The ‘Offer Matrix’

You’ll discover our ‘underground’ matrix of front-end offers for Facebook Ads. Easily determine which offer is right for you and skip hours of thinking time – it’s a game changer.

Module Three: Facebook’s Inner Workings7 Sections


You’ll become familiar with how Facebook Ads actually work as well as the Facebook Ads platform itself. We’ll walk you through how the system works, the right buttons to press AND take you down the rabbit hole and behind the curtain INSIDE the brain of Facebook. It’s fascinating, it’s creepy and it will change the way you see Facebook forever.

1. Facebook’s Brain – The Algorithm

We’re boldly going where 99.99% of people never go… deep inside the inner workings of Facebook, analysing the Facebook algorithm. Most people don’t realise that the Facebook algorithm accounts for over 95% of your campaigns success – so if you ever want real results from Facebook you need to understand it, be able to tame it and make the algorithm and Facebook’s brain work for you.

2. Welcome to Facebook Ads Manager

You’ll get a tour of the platform you need to become very familiar with when running Facebook Ads, the Facebook Ads Manager. We’ll explain what everything means, which buttons to press and more.

3. Step #1. Your Campaign

You’ll discover the options available to you at the ‘Campaign’ level of Ads Manager including your ‘Objective’ and how to get Facebook working (properly!) for you.

4. Step #2. Your Ad Sets

You’ll see where we amend our ads targeting and audience as well as budget and bidding settings. This overview will set the scene for the next module very nicely.

5. Step #3. Your Ads

The final piece of the puzzle, you’ll get familiar with the interface of building out your ads so that you’re prepped and ready for the next stage in your journey.

6. The Facebook Pixel

One of the most powerful marketing tools in the world, the Facebook Pixel is key to your success if you want to drive people to your website or landing pages or ever want to sell things using Facebook Ads. It’s the key to unlocking Facebook’s full potential and in this module you’ll discover what it is, why you need it and how to get it working.

Module Four: Facebook Ad Targeting9 Sections


This is why Facebook is such a powerful marketing channel. We’ll show you the thousands of targeting options available as well as our proprietary advanced strategies so that no matter who your target customer is, you’ll be able to target them with pin-point accuracy and increase the effectiveness of your ads.

1. How Facebook Ad Targeting Works

This is a key foundational session where you’ll discover exactly how Facebooks advanced targeting system works so that you can better identify the characteristics and behaviours you want to target later on. We’ll also show you how to access Facebook’s databank to see what it thinks YOU are interested in too!

2. Basic Targeting Options

Discover the basics. The most simple and easiest targeting methods that are a MUST for any campaign you run. Particularly key for local businesses, this session will get you up to speed on what’s possible.

3. Detailed Targeting Options

We’ll dive deep into the ‘Pandora’s Box’ that is Facebook’s detailed targeting options. Running through ALL the options so you know what’s available to you and be sharing our own strategies to finding new targeting options to increase the effectiveness of your ads.

4. The Layering Method

This is a must-do, especially if your audience is nation (or world!) wide. We’ll share our famous ‘Layering Method’ that will help you drill down into not only people who might be interested in what you do, but the people who are almost guaranteed to buy.

5. The ‘Carpet Bomb’ Strategy

This targeting method is one of two more advanced strategies we’ll be sharing. Perfect for local businesses – this strategy has given campaigns a boost of over 400% - and we’re sharing it with you in this session.

6. The ‘Space Laser’ Strategy

This is another advanced strategy that is very creative and takes full advantage of Facebooks targeting options. It might just blow your mind, but when you see it, you’ll want to try it. Trust us!

7. Targeting Your Existing List

If you already have customers or a list of leads we’ll show you how to target those people, and only those people, on Facebook so you can run super-targeted campaigns which often generate huge ROI.

8. Lookalike Audiences

This is some Facebook Ad wizardry and, for established businesses, the easiest way to run super profitable campaigns. We’ll show you how to take a list of your best customers, the people who you want more of in your business, and tell Facebook to go and run ads to people exactly like them. This can be a real game-changer for most businesses because it removes all the work and room for error from targeting your ads.

Module Five: Crafting Winning Facebook Ads7 Sections


Possibly the most important module of the entire Facebook Ad Accelerator, this is where we get down and dirty and actually create our Facebook Ads. From writing winning copy to designing your images and more, this module is a MUST-DO for anyone running Facebook Ads.

1. Dissection of a Facebook Ad

We start this module by dissecting what a Facebook Ad is actually made of. The individual components, what they are and why they’re needed.

2. Split Testing: How & Why

This session will definitely surprise you. It will bring into question everything you thought you knew about Facebook and change the way you create and run your ads forever. Seriously.

3. Crafting Copy That Sells

Most people freeze up when it comes to writing the copy for their Facebook Ads. That will never happen to you ever again thanks to our formulas and templates for writing winning Facebook Ads that work. Whether you’re selling a free download or a £15,000 service – these copy templates will make sure you can pump out copy that attracts the right people and gets them to take action in just a matter of minutes.

4. Headlines That Hook

Your headline is key for Facebook Ads and, once again, we’ll be sharing multiple formulas and templates for you to swipe and deploy so that you never struggle for ideas or inspiration ever again.

5. Facebook Ad Image Alchemy

The images you use in your Facebook Ad can make or break your campaign and yes, there is a formula! We’ll share insider secrets to what works as well as showering you in examples of images we’ve used that have worked wonders. I guarantee this session will surprise you – brace yourself!

6. Video Ads 2.0

Video can be super effective when it comes to generating leads and sales from Facebook BUT there is definitely a right and wrong way to do it. Video is changing on Facebook and you need to change with it and in this session we’ll reveal our secret strategies to maximise the effectiveness of your video ads.

Module Six: Campaign Genesis (it’s alive!)4 Sections


You’ll put all the pieces together and launch your campaign in probably the most exciting module in the Accelerator (because you’ll actually start to get results!). We’ll also be covering how you should be managing your campaigns, what you should be spending and how to scale your ads into money making machines.

1. Let’s Build: Over the Shoulder

You’ll watch as we build an entire Facebook Campaign from scratch right before your eyes. You’ll see the buttons we push and the process we follow as we explain the thinking behind each and every move. You can build your campaign alongside us and make sure everything is set up correctly and ready to go.

2. Your Daily Routine

Your ads are live – now what? Well, now we need to check on them and make sure they’re working. We’ll share our proven process to checking and optimising your ads so that you never waste money on ads that aren’t working ever again.

3. The Holy Grail of Scale

This session will show you how to scale your campaigns, and when we say scale, we mean SCALE. We’ve spent millions on Facebook Ads because once you have a campaign that turns £10 a day into £20 of sales, why wouldn’t you want to spend £1,000 a day and turn it into £2,000 of sales! We’ll be pulling back the curtain and sharing our own methods for scaling up Facebook Ad campaigns so you can do so with ease.

Module Seven: Real-Life Examples5 Sections


In this final module we’ll walk through, step-by-step, different Facebook Ad campaigns for various different businesses so you can get inspiration and ideas for your own campaigns. It’s a rare opportunity to come behind the scenes in other people’s businesses and see what’s working now.

1. Old Faithful: Lead Generation Campaign for B2B

Get an inside look at a lead generation campaign perfect for businesses looking to attract other businesses on Facebook. This campaign is our own bread and butter – and if you’re a B2B business it will no doubt be yours as well!

2. The Local Business Blueprint

If you’re a local business this session is for you because we’ll share proven campaigns that attract local people to visit your local store or even call you directly from Facebook Ads. Complete with templates and examples, this is worth its weight in gold for any local business owner.

3. The Easy E-Commerce Campaign

If you’re selling physical products online, this session will share and walk you through our own campaign of choice to do exactly that.

4. The Super-Specific Niche Business Buster

This session is made for businesses whose target market is very specific. Maybe you only have 1,000 potential customers in the world or have a target audience who (somehow!) can’t be reached using Facebook’s targeting options. This campaign will show you what to do, how to do it and show you how to profitably use Facebook Ads.

And that’s just an overview!

The best bit?

What we're sharing isn't theoretical – these are:

Battle Tested & Proven Strategies

What you’ll discover on this programme are practical, tangible Facebook Ad strategies that we have personally used to generate tens of millions of pounds in sales. This isn’t theory. We’ve walked the walk and now we’re talking the talk and sharing our strategies with you.

It’s no secret that times are changing. No where more so than for businesses with aspirations of growth. We can’t rely on word of mouth or the Yellow Pages anymore(!) – we, as business owners, need to evolve, to adapt and in today’s modern world – the single best way to not just secure our businesses future and survival, but it’s growth – is through cutting edge Facebook Advertising.

That’s what the Facebook Ad Accelerator is all about. Helping tens of thousands of small business owners to join the revolution and achieve their goals.

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#2. 52 Weeks Of LIVE Coaching
(Value £2,997)

Imagine Being Able To Jump On A Call EVERY Week To Ask My Senior Team And I Anything You Wanted (With Almost No Questions Off Limits!)

Every week for an hour, our Facebook Ads team including Cameron and Joanne, answer your questions during a group Q&A call, and give you up-to-date info on what's working (and what’s not) in the field of digital marketing.

This level of personal help and support is unprecedented...
...but you get it included in the Facebook Ad Accelerator.

All of our calls are recorded, and you’ll be able to watch the replay as soon as we post it in your private member’s area!

This is YOUR chance to get the personal support you need from us...

Need help crafting your ad copy?
We’ll brainstorm ideas and even write copy FOR you on the call!

Want us to critique your ads?
We’ll review them LIVE and suggest ways you can improve them!

Looking for help with your marketing strategy?
We’ll map one out for you right then and there!

Whatever you need, the weekly Q&A calls are going to be invaluable to you and worth their weight in gold.

PLUS: this is where we like to share the insider secrets of what’s working personally for us and our ads including strategies and tactics that we don’t share with ANYONE else...

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PLUS... You’ll Also Get IMMEDIATE Access To FOUR EXCLUSIVE Bonuses For FREE

‘The Lost Module’: Secret Tactics & Hacks
(Value £997)

When we were first creating this course we had planned to share some strategies, tactics and ‘hacks’ that we’ve seen and developed that can have a HUGE impact on the success of your Facebook Ads.

However, at the last minute we chose not to share, what are our most secretive strategies, and wanted to keep them to ourselves.

This module became known as the ‘Lost’ module – BUT now we’re unearthing it just for you.

It features undercover, rarely spoken about tactics or ‘hacks’ including:

  • The Facebook Page Like Machine
  • The Upside Down Unicorn
  • The Social Proof Production Line
  • The Clone Method
  • And More...

You’ll unearth these strategies like a lost tomb and be able to add them to your newly found Facebook Ad arsenal for an even greater chance of success in your campaigns.

Omnipresence Masterclass
(Value £997)

In this separate Masterclass training you’ll discover how to plug the holes in your marketing campaigns and get more people to take action by achieving ‘omnipresence’.

We’ll walkthrough every marketer and business owners nightmare; why people don’t always do what we want them to do AND we’ll show you how to fix it (CLUE: it involves being both everywhere and nowhere at the same time!).

This masterclass effectively gives you the blueprints for setting up a flawless retargeting campaign that will sky-rocket your conversions and plug your leaky bucket on a silver platter. It’s incredible.

Facebook Ad Follow-Up Templates
(Value £1,297)

Leads don’t pay the bills. Customers do. Which is why when you join the Facebook Ads Accelerator you’ll also unlock our ‘Template Toolbox’ featuring pre-written, fill-in-the-blank style templates for everything you need to successfully and effectively follow-up with the leads and enquiries you generate from Facebook Ads.

Here’s Just A Selection Of The Templates Included:

  • The Ultimate Lead Magnet Follow-Up
  • The 6-Step Competition Conversion Campaign
  • The 80 Hour Cash Machine
  • The ‘Oh So Simple’ Email
  • The Fibonacci Follow-Up Formula
  • And more!

Marketing Strategy Intensive
(Value £997)

Facebook Ads are a crucial part to any businesses success. But you and your business need a solid OVERALL marketing strategy as well. That’s where our Marketing Strategy Intensive comes in. You’ll get on the phone with one of our Business Growth Experts, members of our team who have played key roles in the growth of our own nine million pound plus businesses over the past decade, and after getting to know your business, your products, your customers a little more – they’ll ‘prescribe’ marketing strategies for you to implement in your business.

These calls have been instrumental to the success and revolutionary growth of hundreds of small businesses and it will be an invaluable resource for you too.

The Facebook Ad Accelerator Will Give You The Critical Skills, Knowledge, Templates And Support You Need To Build And Scale Hyper-Profitable Facebook Ads For Your Business.

If you’re ready to start generating a steady flow of leads, enquiries and clients...

...I'd Love To Invite You To Join The Facebook Ads Accelerator TODAY.

You're Covered by TWO Iron-Clad Guarantees

We're so confident that the Facebook Ad Accelerator will deliver stellar returns for you and your business that it comes with not one, but TWO iron-clad guarantees:

Guarantee #1: Your 100% Absolute Satisfaction Guarantee

Our training program is proven with hundreds of businesses and tens of thousands of ads.
However, if you're still unsure about joining we offer a full 14-day money back guarantee.

Try the Facebook Ad Accelerator risk free and if you've completed at least two modules and are not 100% satisfied, just ask for a refund within 14-days and we'll refund you in full. Simple

Guarantee #2: The 'We Won't Let You Fail' Guarantee

We’re so confident in the Facebook Ad Accelerator that if you go through the programme, take part in the Q&A calls and still (somehow!) don’t see success we’ll work with you 1:1 to craft a winning Facebook Ad campaign for you...

That means it is IMPOSSIBLE for you to not succeed with this programme. Because, if after going through the course and attending the Q&A calls you're still (somehow!) struggling, our team will work on YOUR campaigns for you to get them delivering results.

There isn't another programme on the planet that offers guarantees as strong as these two.

You're well and truly covered.

So, How Much Will It Cost Me?

Shame on you for even asking!

You know the correct answer:

Nothing, zero, nada, zilch - because if it does cost you, it means you invested in a proven system, with my personal support and guidance that would get you results, sales and customers...

...and then did nothing with it!

That's the only conceivable way that the Facebook Ads Accelerator could cost you money.

If you fear that then by all means, skip it. Sit this one out.

Stop reading now.

Your Investment...

(because it IS an investment)

You can join the Facebook Ads Accelerator today for just one single payment of £497.

You can also split the payment into three monthly instalments of £197 +VAT.

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For some of you, the price of £497 seems almost too low, for others, you’ll immediately and instinctively decided that it’s out of your reach.

But we’ve priced the Facebook Ads Accelerator, the single BEST way for you and your business to start benefiting from Facebook Ads and generating sales, at a point where it should be accessible for any business owner.

In fact, it is my mission with the Accelerator that your investment comes back to you (and FAST!) many times over.

In fact, in just a few months (heck, even a few weeks!), you’ll look back and laugh at how the investment made you sweat.

I guarantee you’ll remember this day and recognise that this decision to join the Facebook Ads Accelerator was the very best thing you ever did for your business.

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Here’s What Others Have To Say About Their Experience...

Never before, in the history of the planet... have you been able to grow your business so quickly, so easily, and at such a low cost than right now using Facebook Ads.

Still Wondering If The Facebook Ad Accelerator Is Right For You?

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you KNOW your product/service is great, but you’re finding it harder than it should be to get customers?

  • Are you sick and tired of spinning your wheels and money on marketing that doesn’t work?

  • Do you want to build your business to new levels this year, increase your profits AND your personal income?

  • Would you like to skip all the headaches, the mistakes, the common errors and wasted money and just follow a proven system that works instead?

If you answered YES to any of those questions, the Facebook Ad Accelerator is for you.

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I'll Leave You With This...

I started my business over 15 years ago because I wanted a better life for my wife, children and I. I wanted them to have the best things in life, to have a nicer house, to go to Private School, to have wonderful holidays and create great memories that they’ll cherish throughout their life.

That was my goal then. And this is my goal now:

I’m on a mission to help as many other small business owners as possible to achieve their dreams. To grow their businesses to the place they want them to be so that they can live the lives that both they and their family deserve.

That’s why I’m urging you now to join me on that mission and on the Facebook Ads Accelerator.

Let me help you and your business grow – I promise you it'll be the best investment you've ever made...

See you on the inside!

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Answers To Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is this included in my EC Unlimited Pass?

A: No. The Facebook Ad Accelerator is separate to any/all memberships and EC Unlimited Passes. If you want to access the Facebook Ad Accelerator you need to invest in it today.

Q: How is this course delivered?

A: This Facebook Ad Accelerator is delivered 100% online. You’ll receive access to any and all of the training videos, worksheets and downloads. You'll be able to login, absorb the content and then join us for the weekly coaching calls to ask your questions before going away and actioning what you've learnt.

Q: Will the Facebook Ad Accelerator work for me? My business is different...

A: Whether you're B2B or B2C - Facebook is a huge marketing channel that you could and should be exploiting. We're B2B, our target market is normally over 40 years old and are not usually very technical - and yet, Facebook works wonders for us! The only limiting factor is your own ability to implement what you learn in your business - and that's exactly what this workshop fixes!

Q: Why should I invest in this training today as opposed to waiting until later?

A: Right now, you can purchase the Facebook Ad Accelerator for £497 +VAT. But as of Friday 31st May, the price will be going up to £997 +VAT – that’s more than a 100% increase!!

Q: What will happen immediately after I complete my registration?

A: After you submit your order, you'll be able to create your login details to the 'EC Vault' (if you haven’t got one already!). This is where you'll find all of the content, resources and be able access the course. You will also receive an email confirmation of your purchase for your records.

Q: Do I get access to the training all at once, or is it drip-fed?

A: The first few modules are available immediately so you can get going straight away. The other modules and bonuses will be released over time to help you stay focussed and remove overwhelm!

Q: Is this an annual subscription?

A: No. The Facebook Ad Accelerator is now available for a one-time payment of £497 +VAT. You will have access to the content for as long as you need and have access to the Facebook Friday coaching calls for 52 weeks (a year). At the end of those 52 weeks you will have the option to continue that support if you want to but no payment will ‘automatically’ be taken.

Q: What if I have questions or need support?

A: That’s exactly what the Facebook Friday weekly coaching calls are for! Hop on the next call and the team will be more than happy to help!

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