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FACT: The money in your business isn’t in your product or your service. It’s in the marketing and selling of your product or service.

Once you set out to grow your business, you’re no longer an accountant, an electrician, a beauty therapist or a business consultant (or whatever it is that you do). Instead, at least for a big chunk of time each week, you have to become a marketer of what you do.

You have to become a marketer because the fate of your business – and the lifestyle of you and your family - lies in your ability to market what you do really effectively.

Now, you may not like the truth of that last statement, but it is true. And the sooner you accept that and face up to the implications of it, the quicker you’ll start making progress.

[To be clear, I’m not saying that you don’t need a great product or service, I’m just stating the fact that the money – your money - is in how well you market it.]

The Perfect Storm

But how do you market your business effectively?

What should you do?

What marketing’s best for your business right now?

This is when we encounter the ‘perfect storm’ that afflicts so many businesses, because a number of elements all come together:

  1. Effective marketing in 2020 is more complex than ever;
  2. Effective marketing in 2020 requires specialist knowledge and understanding
    (that most business owners don’t have because they’re practitioners of their craft, not marketers);
  3. Effective marketing in 2020 requires a high proficiency of execution to work well;
  4. Effective marketing in 2020 is harder to achieve than ever before;

The outcome of this ‘perfect storm’ is devastating for many business owners.

Some are paralysed by indecision, unsure what to do and so do nothing.

Others latch on to the latest bright shiny object but their results are compromised because there’s no system or strategy. Bananarama Syndrome* is rife.

*Bananarama Syndrome: “It ain’t what you do it’s the way that you do it, that’s what gets results”

And even when they do achieve some success, momentum stalls and the marketing soon stops because the business owner is now too busy servicing the work to keep the marketing going.

So ‘famine-to-feast’ becomes the norm; the best case scenario.

And in all cases that’s because there’s NO SYSTEM, no framework, precious few re-usable marketing ‘assets’, and an activity plan that is, at best, ad hoc.

When you have a marketing and sales system working in your business that predictably and consistently brings in the right flow of new customers every week, like clockwork, then owning a business is phenomenal.

But when you don’t have that, then owning a business is unpredictable, unreliable, and incredibly stressful.

Cracking the rhythmic acquisition of customers changes everything – and that’s what The EC’s Entrepreneurs Marketing & Sales System does.

It’s no fun when the destiny of your company, your family’s lifestyle and the income and security of all your employees, rest on whatever customers ‘fate’ drops in your lap this week.

The Entrepreneurs Marketing & Sales System fixes that. For good.

It puts you in control. It makes the rhythmic acquisition of customers a reality. For you.

Below you’ll see a high level outline of The Entrepreneurs Marketing & Sales System (hover over the outline to zoom in)(click the outline to view full screen).

Brace yourself...

Applications Are Currently Open:

If you'd like to speak to the coaching team to discover if the Entrepreneurs Circle Coaching Programme is right for you, click the button below and complete a quick little questionnaire.

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So that’s a high level overview of the Entrepreneurs Marketing & Sales System.

... BUT KNOWING something is NOT the same as DOING it and there’s no denying that most of the elements in the system are NOT being effectively implemented in your business on a daily or weekly basis. And that’s what the Entrepreneurs Circle Coaching Programme is all about.

Systematically IMPLEMENTING the Entrepreneurs Marketing & Sales System in your business to deliver the game-changing results you want and crack the rhythmic acquisition of customers.

Most people who see the system are filled optimism and raring to get stuck in, but quickly get pulled back in the day-to-day. Stopping them from taking the time and energy to focus on the BIG things.

FACT: You’re working IN the business as a ‘practitioner’ way more than you’re working ON the business as a ‘marketer’.

Which is why you can’t just take the Entrepreneurs Marketing & Sales System or the other tactics you discover from EC and implement them yourself.

You need the system, the strategies AND you need the support to make it happen.

When you want to do anything properly, you get help.

No-one gets behind the wheel of a car for the first time and tries to figure it out for themselves. Can you imagine?

Even if you had an instruction book, that isn’t going to end well. Much better – and safer – to have a guide, an instructor, a coach.

When people want to lose weight, or get fit, they go to the gym.

But just joining a gym doesn’t get you fit.

You have to turn up regularly. Do the right exercises (not just the ones you like best!) with the right technique, to the right intensity

Only then do you get the results.

And the reality is, when it comes to weight loss or fitness, most people don’t get the results they want.

That’s because they either don’t go to the gym as often as they should, or, when they do go, they don’t exercise effectively. They don’t push themselves. Their technique is wrong. Or maybe they screw it all up with a poor diet.

Either way, their frustration builds, they do less and less, and the vicious circle continues.

Now, if you’re serious about achieving your goals in the gym, you hire a Personal Trainer.

A Personal Trainer listens to you, understands what your goals are, and then formulates a plan to get you there.

She turns up regularly, keeps it interesting for you, and ensures that you stay motivated. She pushes you to do every exercise correctly, and to the right intensity, with the right technique, so that you get the right results.

And of course, she tracks those results and shares them with you frequently so you can see the progress you’re making.

That’s why people that use Personal Trainers get significantly better results than those who don’t.

Now the parallels between growing a business and getting fitter in the gym are stark.

To make real progress, to achieve proper success, in either the gym or your business, you need help, guidance and advice from someone who’s been there and done it. From someone who is an expert, with a proven system, that will get you where you want to be.

And that’s what the EC’s Coaching Programme will do for you.

A dedicated coach, working alongside you, 1:1 to implement the Entrepreneurs Marketing & Sales System effectively in your business.

The EMSS Coaching programme will enable you to implement the Entrepreneurs Marketing & Sales System in your business next year.

It’s all about cracking the rhythmic acquisition of customers.

Getting your cash register ringing.

Giving you a pay rise every few months.

Fixing the big things so you build the business you deserve and desire.

Working with you one-on-one, your EC coach will:

  • Create a safe environment in which you’ll see yourself - and your business - more clearly and more accurately than you’ve ever done before;
  • Identify the gaps between where you and your business are now and where you want to be;
  • Use the System to pull together a crystal clear SYSTEMATIC plan to close that gap;
  • Provide you with the system, the ideas, the guidance, the templates, the accountability and the support to help you close your gap and achieve your goals;
  • Ask for – and get – more intentional thought, action and behaviour changes from you than you would ever achieve on your own – so you actually do close your gap.

In short, your EC Coach will implement The Entrepreneurs Marketing & Sales System in your business, with you.

Applications Are Currently Open:

If you'd like to speak to the coaching team to discover if the Entrepreneurs Circle Coaching Programme is right for you, click the button below and complete a quick little questionnaire.

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The EC Difference.

In 2020, EC coaching is all about helping you to implement The Entrepreneurs Marketing & Sales System; to actually grow your revenue and your profits.

Your Coach will hold you accountable, make sure you never get ‘stuck’ and help you to implement the proven system properly so you get the results you want.

There’s no woo-woo here.

We’ll just implement the System. In your business. With you.

And it will change everything for you. Forever.

When executed properly, it means you really will crack the rhythmic acquisition of customers.

That regular consistent flow of new sales coming in will cease to be a pipe dream and instead become an actual daily and weekly reality for you.

And you don’t need me to tell you the difference that will make...

If you’re still unsure as to whether this immensely powerful coaching system is right for you, answer the following questions honestly and you’ll know:

If you answered yes to ANY of the above, it’s a symptom that you’re too busy reacting, working ‘in’ your business, so you never get sufficient time to work ‘on’ your business.

That’s a fatal mistake and experience has taught me that it’s almost impossible to make the changes needed to escape those challenges without an expert coach alongside you.

Applications Now Open...

Applications are now open for the ‘Class of 2020’.

To get one of the UK’s best marketing and sales coaches working 1:1 with you, in your business, to:

  • implement the Entrepreneurs Marketing & Sales System;
  • crack the rhythmic acquisition of customers with you;
  • make 2020 not only your best year ever in business...
  • ... but also the year in which your personal income rises markedly...
  • ... AND you make real, proper progress towards your B-I-G goals,

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How it works

As an EC Coaching client you’ll get your own, dedicated, coach who will get to know you and your business intimately.

You’ll speak with your coach regularly, usually once every two weeks, either on the phone or, preferably, via Zoom video call and usually on the same day/time so it becomes part of your routine.

The first couple of sessions get deep into understanding where you are – precisely – and where you want to be and then your Plan will emerge and together you and your EC Coach will ensure it’s executed and the results tracked.

You’ll agree 1 or 2 specific actions at the end of every call and your Coach will keep you accountable.

They’ll also be able to provide you with help to accelerate your progress as you’ll also have access to our full service Marketing Agency so you can get pieces of work ‘done-for-you’ (for an additional fee) if required.

At the beginning of each call your Coach will review your Scorecard, your numbers and your progress – because the focus is always on your results and the cracking of rhythmic acquisition.

Your Coach will steer you through The Entrepreneurs Marketing & Sales System and you should expect it to take 12 – 18 months to go fully through the first ‘Stabilise’ circuit.

In most cases tangible results begin to emerge within your second or third month and it’s not uncommon for your monthly investment to be ‘paying for itself’ from increased revenue by Month 3.

The Coaching Team also run Sessions on specific parts of the Entrepreneurs Marketing & Sales System and all Coaching Clients – or your team – are able to attend those days for free.

Your Investment

Your EC Coach will cost you just £399 +VAT per month – which includes your EC Unlimited Pass and your ticket to the Getting & Keeping Customers Convention each year.

If you already have an EC Unlimited Pass then your Coaching investment will be reduced by £100 to £299.

Your commitment will be for a minimum of 12 months (because properly fixing your marketing so you get the consistent, predictable, rhythmic flow of customers that you need does take work and effort and time) after which you can cancel at any time with just 60 days notice.

Your Return on Investment

Providing you have an existing viable business then it’s very difficult not to get a stellar return on your investment.

Our focus is on closing your ‘gap’ remember, markedly increasing your sales and your personal drawings and establishing the rhythmic acquisition of customers in your business.

We do this through the creation of assets and systems which will keep working for you for many years to come.

In that regard the relatively modest cost involved quickly pales into insignificance for most clients.


We have a crack team of just three EC coaches, all of whom have extensive experience.

Collectively, Michelle, Stuart and Orla have been part of the EC team for over 30 years combined so they know the EC way and The Entrepreneurs Marketing System inside out and they are sooooooooooooooo well equipped to help you get it all implemented in your business.

But to ensure the success of the programme we have to preserve and tightly manage capacity. I won’t let them take on too many clients and compromise the integrity and the results.

Therefore, places are limited and applications will be reviewed strictly in the order in which they are received.

Once we reach capacity no further applications will be accepted.


If you’re interested in joining the EC Coaching Programme, click the button below to complete the no-obligation application to get started.

Apply Now

If you’re not sure, have questions or want to talk to one of our coaches to make sure we’re right for you...

...you should still fill in the brief application form by clicking the button above. The team will then schedule a call to answer any questions you have.

Whether you seize this opportunity or not is now your defining moment...

What happens next is up to you.

Be wise.

Thanks for reading,

Nigel Botterill

Meet the Coaches

Michelle Squire

Michelle is one of our longest serving team members having worked with us for over 13 years.

For much of that time, she ran our large franchise business ‘thebestof’, and she has tremendous experience building businesses and getting the best out of people.

Her energy and infectious personality allied to her considerable knowledge and talents will make her a stellar addition to your team.

Stuart Bevins

Stuart’s experience in business is so wide and diverse; we could fill a book with it!

B2B, B2C, products, services, online, offline — Stuart has experience working in and running his own businesses across numerous industries and has decades of experience to share.

Rest assured, whatever challenges you want to overcome or opportunities you have in front of you, Stuart will have been, done that and be ready to share his insight and experience with you.

Orla Dempsey

No one knows the trials, tribulations & ups and downs of running a business like Orla!

Having grown up in an entrepreneurial family with several hugely successful businesses in the leisure, tourism and hospitality industries, Orla soon set out and ran her very own business for over 12 years.

She’s walked the walk and now spends her time doing what she loves - helping her fellow small business owners to achieve super success!

Applications Are Currently Open:

If you'd like to speak to the coaching team to discover if the Entrepreneurs Circle Coaching Programme is right for you, click the button below and complete a quick little questionnaire.

Apply Now

The EC Coaches have a huge impact on the businesses and lives of the clients they work with...

“Invaluable. My 6 best months in business ever – and lots more profit”

“I love my 1:1 Zoom calls with my EC Coach – they’re so uplifting and positive.

They get me taking action and as a result I’m now making more profit than ever and there’s so much more to come. We’re more than 30% up year-on-year and I put all of that down to the coaching programme.

For instance, one single idea from one single call with my coach generated an extra £19,642 of revenue which was brilliant.

But there’s more to this than money. The team understand me and my motives really well and it’s so helpful having them there, when I need them, guiding me going forward.
They’re invaluable.”


“The best business decision you’ll ever make”

“Getting an EC Coach was a big decision for me, funds were low, and my business was failing, but I can now say it was the best decision I’ve ever made!

It’s transformed the way I think, the way I work and the way I run my business.

Our numbers are up big time year on year and it wouldn’t have happened without my EC Coach.

It really, really works!”

Winner of the Best Independent Toy Shop in the UK

“It keeps you on track – it’s worth its weight in gold”

“It’s easy to procrastinate when you’re working on your own, but the coaching team have kept me bang on track!

Just to know that every day, whatever issues you’re facing, there is someone you can talk to and get help, advice, ideas — whatever you need — it’s worth its weight in gold.”


“We made an extra £15,000 from one call”

“A few months in to the coaching programme and we’ve made an additional £15,000 exclusively because of our coaches advice.

Without a doubt getting our own EC Coach is the best thing we’ve ever done for our business,

Getting help, advice and coaching from Nige’s team, people who’ve been there and done it — it’s great and I’m all signed up for another 12 months!”


“£24,400 from one webinar”

“The EC Coaching programme has really pushed me outside my comfort zone this year.

Stuart, my EC Coach, helped me put together a webinar and encouraged me to do it live! I was a bit nervous but the results were amazing. We sold £24,400!!!

It’s great having someone to talk to about marketing and making good business decisions – and who’s proactive and challenges you too. It’s made such a difference and I’m so glad I joined.


“I’m already over £40K up on last year”

“Having a proactive EC coach has made all the difference to me and my business. It’s priceless having EC in my corner and Michelle is one amazing coach/mentor.

If it wasn’t for her and the team at EC my £40K+ growth this year would never have happened. I owe them all a massive thank you for being the driving force to me getting things done - thank you again from the bottom of my heart.”


“I’ve exceeded my targets every month...”

“Just a quick update to say that I’ve beaten my target again, so I’ve grown month on month for over six months now and wait for it…Yes, I’m fully booked for November and have even got a waiting list!

Thanks for everything, I wouldn’t be here without you!”


“I now have money in the bank”

“Thanks to the coaching team, I no longer have to look at the bank account every day and wonder how I’m going to pay the next bill because I’ve got money in the bank – which I never did before.

My EC Coach has literally been life-changing and I honestly don’t think any of this would have happened without the EC’s incredible 1:1 coaching and support.”


“I’m actually achieving my goals”

“I can’t tell you how grateful I am for what the EC Coaching Programmes has done for me!

For the first time ever I’m actually making real progress and achieving my goals.

It’s helped me become more focused and driven, and it’s all thanks to my EC Coach.

The accountability has been really helpful and I’ve hit every milestone so far..”


“From my worst year to my best year in 12 months thanks to the EC Coaching Programme”

After having had my worst ever year in business last year I was really sceptical about joining the EC Coaching programme – but I’m so glad I did.

Getting my own personal EC Coach has made a huge difference to my business and with four months to go I already know that this will be my best year in business – so quite a turnaround.

I have NEVER sold this many wedding dresses in the first 7 months of the year!!!

Currently we’re at 212 (last year we’d sold 144 at this point) and my previous best year ever, I’d sold 209 Wahheyyyyyy!

So pleased I took the plunge...


“One idea earnt us £40,000”

“I know how to sell carpets and bedroom furniture, but I was struggling to get my customers to come back and buy again and spend more money.

Thankfully I had my EC coach to talk to and we devised a quirky ‘come back’ campaign with an offer and a deadline.

I was flabbergasted – one simple card sent out in the post generated over £40,000 in revenue. That’s enough to pay for my next 8 years in the EC Coaching programme.

You’d be bonkers not to join.”


“It’s doubled our enquiries”

“Michelle and her coaching team have given me rock solid advice and help and as a result I’ve never had so many enquiries. That ‘rhythmic acquisition’ that Nige talks about is no longer a pipe-dream – it’s real.

Me and my coach are now working on our Customer Journey to ensure there’s no leaky holes in our bucket and all in all joining the programme has been one of the smartest business decisions I’ve ever made”


“We’ve doubled our profits in 12 months...!”

“The EC coaching has transformed the way we run our business.

We’ve implemented some strategies that we would never have thought of ourselves and the results have been great.

Our EC Coach holds our feet to the fi re and make us accountable for working ON our business – it’s been priceless, and you’d be mad not to consider joining if you want to grow your business.”


“Making more money was right under my nose all along”

“What the EC Coaching Programme has taught us, is that sometimes you don’t need to implement loads of shiny new, expensive marketing tactics to make money.

Our EC Coach has worked with us to cross sell and upsell our diff erent products to our existing and lapsed customers.

To date we’ve upsold £16,425 worth of business to our own list – without spending a penny to find new customers. Genius!”


“Fantastic & so supportive”

“I joined the EC Coaching programme to basically help me to expand my business. I’d grown it to a certain point but I needed help to take it a step further and get to where I want to be.

Joining was a real eye opener at first. Going through the figures gave me real clarity as to where I need to go and Michelle and the whole team are fantastic and so supportive...”


“I’ve doubled my profits...”

“I’ve doubled my profits over the past year. I’ve been able to take my family to Disney in Florida (twice!) and buy my dream car – all thanks to the EC coaching team...”


“We’ve grown by over £150,000”

“Turnover up. Margins up. Profits up. We’ve grown by over £150,000 thanks to Nigel and the team. To top it off , we’ve just moved into our dream home too!”


“Every part of my business has fundamentally changed for the better”

“The planning process was a revelation – drilling down into what my dream life looked like and then figuring out how far away I was and what I had to do to fill the gap was like scales falling from my eyes.

I can’t believe I was in business for 20 years before I learned this! 18 months in and every part of my business has fundamentally changed for the better”


“Profits have grown by 156%”

“Since signing up our profits have grown by 156% - that’s more than DOUBLE!”


“I just wish it had existed 25 years ago when I started out.”

“I’m naturally suspicious of programmes promising great things but 18 months with an EC Coach has shown me that what Nige and his team deliver is every bit as good as they promise. I just wish it had existed 25 years ago when I started out.

Having expert help ‘on-tap’ when you need it has been amazing and helped me get so much done. We’ve made massive progress and I’m well on-track now to get the business to where I want it to be...”


“Massive Help...”

“Having my coaching team behind me, expecting results, helping me, supporting me, has helped massively.”


“Kick up the backside...”

“The EC Coaching programme is the perfect way to actually get where you want to be – to have someone gently kick me up the backside and make sure I do the things I need to do. It’s perfect.”


“I’m killing my financial targets now...”

“Before joining the EC Coaching Programme in 2018, I felt I was just going around in circles with my business and my ideas - it was like being on a hamster wheel.

I knew I was awesome at what I do but I was just getting more and more tangled up working IN my business not ON it.

I didn’t know where to turn for the right help and advice then thankfully I met the EC and everything has changed since.

I finally learnt the right way to think about my business, my planning, my processes and my systems, goals and targets.

I now look out for the right numbers but also understand what they mean and what to do with them to get me what I wanted. I’m killing my financial targets now and on average our sales are up almost 80% every month, year-on-year, which has made such a massive difference.

OMG, I’m in tears writing this...

Having a knowledgeable EC Coach, and working 1:1 with them has opened up a new world to me and all I can say is...



I’ve been through so much in the last few years but now things are properly under control.


“I’ve been blown away by the practical help I’ve had.”

“When I signed up to the EC’s Coaching programme my business was in massive debt, my marriage was in tatters and I’ll be honest, I signed up not expecting much.

18 months on and everything is so different.

Aside from everything that I’ve learned I’ve been blown away by the practical help I’ve had. The utter sense of relief knowing that I wasn’t alone in my position and that there were an entire hoard of people that were or have been suffering in the same way.

It has changed every aspect of my life. In August I took my family to Florida!! Never, ever would I have thought it was possible! We’ve booked to go again next year and we’re going to Italy in April as well for good measure.

We’re making decent money and I can see a bright future. That is really down you to the EC coaches”


Applications Are Currently Open:

If you'd like to speak to the coaching team to discover if the Entrepreneurs Circle Coaching Programme is right for you, click the button below and complete a quick little questionnaire.

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