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What Can I Earn as a Certified Coach?

It’s not all about the money – but becoming a Certified Coach is an amazing business with very significant earning opportunities for the right people, who do the right things.

What you earn as a Certified Coach is entirely up to you.

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Your earnings will depend on a number of things, like your work ethic, the time you devote to the business (and how effectively you spend that time), the way in which you deploy the techniques we give you and, of course, your existing skills, experience and contacts.

Your core income will be from the monthly coaching payments made to you by your clients.
You are free to set your own prices but our recommended prices range from a minimum of £299 per month, up to £599 per month and above.

In addition, you can charge a Set-up Fee when each client first comes on board.
This will normally be £249.

There are also additional revenue opportunities available to Certified Coaches from things like group coaching, done-for-you work and even commissions from selling tickets to Entrepreneurs Circle events etc. but for the purposes of the model shown below (and to keep things simple) we have ignored all of these additional income streams.

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The Certified Coach Income Calculator

Calculate your future income using our whizzy calculator below:

1. How hard will you work to bring on new clients?

Not very hard
1 New Client per Month
Quite hard
2 New Clients per Month
Very hard
4 New Clients per Month

IMPORTANT: these figures are provided for illustration purposes only. They are not a promise or guarantee of earnings. This model is intended to express our opinion of earning potential but many factors will influence your actual results. No guarantees or warranties are made that you will achieve these results or results similar to anyone else.

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