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Behind the Scenes of the Certified Coaching Licence

Discover what it's really like to be an Entrepreneurs Circle Certified Coach as we join over 100+ of our current coaches at their quarterly Development Day.

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(these people are all real coaches, not sales people - so please be respectful with their time)

Interested in becoming a Certified Coach? Let's Talk
Book a no-obligation Discovery Call with our team (they're super friendly and will fill you in on all the details and next steps)

I got my first client in my first two weeks!

As a successful design and marketing agency I have always been passionate about working with small businesses and had been exploring ways to add on coaching to extend my range of services.

Having researched a variety of ‘off-the-shelf’ programmes – many were very expensive, and many focussed on the American market (with a very different business culture), I wasn’t convinced there was anything out there I could buy in to.

I had been aware of Entrepreneurs Circle for year, and absolutely loved what they did – clear, easy to follow business marketing advice tailored for the UK. When the opportunity came up to become an EC certified coach, I jumped at it, and immediately invested! Here was a system perfect for UK small businesses, developed in a structured way to prevent overwhelm and confusion, and one I believed in and was proven to work.

The training I have received has been comprehensive and thorough, equipping me with all of the tools and knowledge I need to be able to implement it in my clients’ businesses. The teamwork, collaboration and support has also been amazing.

The programme is so good, I managed to get my first coaching client on-board within the first few weeks!

Rachel Foord

If you implement the systems you WILL get clients

The way the EC coaching opportunity is set up offers flexibility between making it you primary business or a business you run alongside your existing one.

Like all businesses you get out of it what you put in. The training is very thorough and if you implement the systems they share for your coaching business you WILL get clients.

There is all the support you need to be successful from the team at EC HQ, and my favorite part, the one to one support and regular events.

Kevin Cope

Interested in becoming a Certified Coach? Let's Talk
Book a no-obligation Discovery Call with our team (they're super friendly and will fill you in on all the details and next steps)

£50k of additional income already!

I'd used Entrepreneurs Circle's products before so knew just how awesome they were, so when I saw the Certified Coaching Licence I jumped at the opportunity.

The training is fantastic as it's bang up to date and every step has an extra "how to coach this" section which I found invaluable.

Once you are certified, there is an enormous amount of support to help you get clients as well as tons of done-for-you content to use.

This program has been the best business decision I have ever made. I already have 9 clients which are on track to add more than £50K to my income this year and I'm only just getting started!

Nicola McLennan

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It has quite simply changed my life.

I was made redundant from my Sales Directors role due to COVID and was at a bit of a loss on what I wanted to do next. Something inside me had wanted to start my own business for a long time and when I came across an advert from Entrepreneurs Circle - I decided to take the leap! The Certified Coaching Licence is fantastic! It has quite simply changed my life. I've managed to build my coaching business part-time and now have so many clients that from 2022 it's been my full time business. It's something I'll continue to build for the rest of my career. I really love what I do.

David Butler

Already paid for itself...

The EC Coaching programme has been one of the best investments I’ve made recently.

It’s already paid for itself as it’s such an excellent programme! It teaches and tells you exactly what to do and how to sell the programme to prospects.

With the extra added bonus of being able to deploy everything you learn in the programme into your own business too and see significant results and ROI there itself.

Faz Patel

Interested in becoming a Certified Coach? Let's Talk
Book a no-obligation Discovery Call with our team (they're super friendly and will fill you in on all the details and next steps)

I managed to get my first client in no time.

Having been introduced to EC during the first lockdown I was totally smitten by all the genuine help available to me. It seemed a natural progression therefore to take the training and become an EC Certified Coach.

I found the training easy to digest and being online refreshing your memory is so easy. Thanks to the support they gave me i managed to get my first client in no time. I totally love my journey into a completely new venture, and constantly learning new things through the ongoing support, but most importantly, making a difference to other people's lives is just wonderful!

Lesley Burton

It’s just immense...

The EC’s Coaching Licence finally gave me the clarity I needed to hone my coaching and provide my clients with a clear step-by-step process to get and keep customers – which they all LOVE!

The depth to the programme’s training is immense and gives me the confidence to consistently deliver results time after time (and make great money too!)

Sam Sutton