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Hi, I'm Dave Crewe and I am an Entrepreneur, Author and business owner.  Probably like you, I often couldn't "see the wood from the trees" when I was running my business.  I was so busy doing the "doing" that I didn't have time to market and grow my business.  I got most of my customers by chance!  As for making lots of money and living my dream lifestyle...where did those ideas go? Does this sound familiar?  Well, I can help you to change all of this with a  proven Marketing and Sales System

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We have a unique Marketing and Sales System that will help you to crack the Rythmic Acquisition of Customers.  Watch the video to find out more! (PS.  It's best in full screen mode)

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More Important Than Money: Understanding Why You Really Do What You Do

What do super-successful business owners all have in common?

It’s not experience. It’s not extraordinary skills. It’s not even a powerful drive. Although all of these things can definitely help your business grow, they’re not a prerequisite for success. After all, no one is born with experience or skills, and plenty of successful people lack drive. The one thing that does make a difference, though, is your “why.” Why did you decide to become a business owner?

Why do you spend too many hours in front of your oven every week? Why do you stay up too late and get up too early, just so you can work in your business? The “why” is what ultimately drives us to success, but here’s the thing: it’s different for everyone. Your why is not my why, and my why is not her why. It’s a deeply personal choice that can have great meaning…or not.

For example, a mother of small children may be saddened at the thought of sending her kids to daycare just so she can go to work to (barely) pay for it. Her big why is a drive to spend as much time with her kids as she can, while still supporting her family.

A young, fresh out of school entrepreneur might resist taking the same path her parents took, working for a corporation for 40 years, only to retire and find themselves with barely enough to live on. Instead, she dreams of having the income (and the time) to see the world while she’s still young enough to enjoy it.

So what’s your big “why”?

It might be the freedom to travel, the option to spend time with your family, the ability to take weeks off at a time to care for a sick family member, or even to earn enough money to support a charity that’s close to your heart. Whatever it is, your “why” is the driving force behind every action you take. When you’re deciding whether or not to take steps to grow your business, ask yourself if it’s aligned with your “why.” When you’re setting goals for the year, ask yourself if those goals are moving you closer or further from your big why.

Thinking of getting some help to get more customers…more often and grow your business? Make sure it’s in alignment with your big why, and success is suddenly much more attainable.

The EC 'Double Your Investment' Guarantee

We're so confident in the proven methods we deploy with our clients to crack the rhythmic acquisition of customers that we offer a unique 'Double Your Investment' Guarantee.

Become a client and work with me to implement the Entrepreneurs Marketing System and I guarantee that by the end of our time together you'll have more than doubled your investment! (even Warren Buffet can't guarantee you that!)

I expect that your returns will actually be much more than double your investment but in the highly unlikely case where we've implemented the proven systems and strategies in your business and you haven't at least doubled your investment I'll make up the difference and double it for you!

That's how confident I am in the results we can generate. I'm willing to put my money where my mouth is so that the very worst case scenario is that you ONLY double your money!

Terms & Conditions: The EC 'Double Your Investment' Guarantee.