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Discover How To Build Your Very Own (Very Successful!) Coaching Business By Becoming a Certified Business Coach with Entrepreneurs Circle

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below to discover all the details you need:

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Join hundreds of people who have already built successful coaching businesses with Entrepreneurs Circle



A hugely successful, highly profitable, cash-generating business...
...which delivers the lifestyle you want...
...with a steady flow of new enquiries and a waiting list of clients...
...because you're renowned as the go-to-coach in your area or niche, respected for delivering stellar results for your clients.

Who's this opportunity for?
This opportunity is perfect for TWO types of people:

1. Existing Business Coaches

If you either:
Haven't got all the clients you want OR Struggle to get results for some clients

2. Experienced Business Owners

If you have a successful business and you're looking for an extra string to your bow, to give something back, to use your experience to help others...

Or want to take a step-back from the day-to-day in your business...

Take the Quick & Easy 'Suitability Quiz' To Discover If You're A Good Fit

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The UK's Most Comprehensive Coaching Certification

We'll give you everything you need to become a confident, competent and hugely successful Certified Business Coach.

Get All The
Clients You Want

With a comprehensive set of proven strategies, tools and templates that are battle-tested and proven to work to generate coaching clients. PLUS a plethora of personalised collateral you can use too.

Coaching Curriculum

Unlock access to our proprietary coaching methods, tools, systems and resources which have been honed over the past decade so that getting stellar results for your clients is as easy as following a recipe.

Personal Support

One to one phone support, in-person events, weekly Zoom Calls and more. If you have questions, need help or want to bounce ideas off someone, our in-house support team is here to help.


We will only let people who we're 100% certain will be a successful Certified Coach
come on board because each and every Coach is covered by TWO iron-clad guarantees:

Guarantee #1:
The 'Your First Client' Guarantee

Come on board as an EC Certified Coach and we GUARANTEE that you'll successfully sign up your first Coaching Client within 60 days of becoming certified!

Now new clients don't just appear by magic(!), so the only condition of this guarantee is that you follow the proven steps and processes that we give you. We are so confident that these client acquisition methods will work for you that, if you simply follow the instructions, we guarantee you'll get clients - fast.

Guarantee #2:
The '12 Month Success' Guarantee

We will only let you become an EC Coach if we're 100% certain you have what it takes to make this a huge success. Combine that with our world-class training programme and support, and we are confident enough to GUARANTEE that all of our Certified Coaches will have a successful, profitable, thriving business with a MINIMUM of 10 Coaching Clients within 12 months of becoming certified.

The only catch? You HAVE to do the work. You can't sit back and expect clients to roll in. You need to follow the processes and training at your disposal. But if you qualify to become a coach, get certified, and then follow the instructions we give you - you are guaranteed success.

Discover if YOU Qualify for the Guarantees by Taking The Quiz

"Do people even want a 'business coach'?"SPOILER ALERT: YES!

We've coached over 50,000 small businesses in the past 12 years. The market is huge.

Most entrepreneurs would LOVE someone to clear the fog and give them a
system & structure that keeps it simple and helps them to get and keep customers.

They can't do it on their own -
and it's why they need you.

The Results Speak
For Themselves

Source: ONS 2019 & 873 Responses to the Entrepreneurs Circle Member Survey of members who have been with EC for at least 2 years - February 2021

Clients of our coaches see stellar growth in their businesses.
And with stats like this backing you up, getting clients is a piece of cake.

Take The First Step To Become A Certified Business Coach

Your Ideal Business (and life!) Is Just Around The Corner

Becoming a Certified Coach is the ideal business for people looking to
balance earning potential with a winning work/life balance.

Huge Demand

There are millions of businesses who want and need what you'll be offering in the UK alone.

Low Cost

With tiny overheads and on-going costs, you'll struggle to find a more profitable business.

No Stock

Avoid the hassle of shipping, imports, warehouses, storage, postage, returns & more.

Residual Income

Get paid monthly so you have a predictable income (which does wonders for your quality of sleep!).

No Employees

Employees can be great, but as a Coach you can skip the headache and HR work involved.


You'll become known as a real person of influence in your area - the hub of your local community.

Low Risk

This is a tried and tested business which is already working for hundreds of coaches around the globe.

You'll Finally Get:


This hugely profitable business has six figure earning potential.


Because you can set your own hours and work when you want.


Becoming a much respected member of your business community.


Because nothing beats the feeling of helping other people succeed.

Take the Quick & Easy 'Suitability Quiz' To Discover If You're A Good Fit

What Will Your Journey To Becoming
A Certified Coach Look Like?


Suitability Quiz

Click the 'START MY JOURNEY' button below and complete the quick and easy 'Suitability Quiz' to make sure becoming a Certified Business Coach is the right opportunity for you (if it's not, we'll let you know!).


The Info-Pack

If you're a good fit, we'll send you a copy of our comprehensive Info-Pack and our Info-Session video so that you can get ALL the juicy details you need about what it's really like as a Certified Coach.


Your Discovery Call

You can book your Discovery Call at a time to suit you. It's done over the phone by one of our super friendly team members who will make sure you're happy with everything and ask you a few questions to make sure you're really ready to become Certified.


Payment Options

Assuming we are all happy to proceed, we will talk you through the various different payment options to find one that works for you.


Your Official On-Boarding

Once it's official and you've signed up to become a Certified Coach our support team will reach out to welcome you into the fold and walk you through the training and resources you need to complete to get Certified.



You'll use our comprehensive online training portal to get to grips with everything you need to know to become a highly effective coach. Through the online training, support calls with the team and other effective training methods, expect to complete your initial training within 2-6 weeks.


Your Certification Test

Once you've completed the training you can attempt the official Certification Test which will make sure you have what it takes to become an official Certified Coach. This test will take between 45 minutes and an hour and is delivered online.


Get Clients & Grow Your Business

This is where the real fun starts - because as a newly Certified Coach you'll unlock access to the plethora of support, resources and tools at your disposal to help you get clients and start building a wildly successful business of your own.


Payment Options

We're looking for people who will be great coaches and to make sure money isn't an issue,
the fees to become a Certified Coach can be spread over flexible installments for you.

There are two parts to becoming a Certified Coach:


The Initial Training
and Joining Fee

This is the initial payment to unlock access to the training portal and all of the resources and support you need to get started.


Your Monthly
Licence Fee

This covers your ongoing access to the resources, support and legal right to use our proprietary methods in your business.

How Much Does It Cost To Become A Certified Coach?

Initial Training & Joining Fee: £4,999+VAT
Monthly Licence Fee: £499+VAT

Want to spread the cost?

We have payment plans available to help you spread the cost of your initial training and joining fee so that your initial cash outlay is reduced and you can become profitable from month one.

We'll discuss those payment plans with you on the phone during our Discovery Call.

Click Here To Get Started

Meet Our Existing Coaches:

Watch the videos below to meet a few of our existing coaches and see what
they have to say about their experience as an official Certified Coach:

Join our Existing Coaches & Get Started

"It's so rewarding..."

"The ability to impact other people's lives and businesses, as well as my own, has just been phenomenal. It's so rewarding.

The training was very comprehensive, and very easy. No detail was left out, and there is so much there for you to get your teeth into.

The best bit is how all the coaches help each other out. It feels like being part of a family. So if you're thinking about becoming an EC coach, I would say just do it. Really chuck yourself into it and join the gang! You won't regret it."

Sarah Watts

"The Best Investment!"

"For me, the support is what stands out with the Coaching Licence.

It's great to be part of this community of coaches all helping each other to succeed. Just knowing that you're not the only one who's going through a particular challenge and being able to get the answers that others have already found... it's priceless.

I would say it's one of the best investments you can make in yourself and your business. If you put the work in and follow the system - it really does work!"

Nicholas Bills

"There's so much marketing material..."

"The best thing about being an EC Certified Coach for me is the proven systems.

The amount of marketing material and everything that's available to us is huge.

The training was really, really good too. So good that I felt confident enough as soon as I passed my Certification Test to go out and start getting clients!"

Pamela Wynn

"It's what sets me apart from the rest!"

"When I go out there to prospects and say 'I'm a business coach' I often get asked for my credentials...

It used to be a pain, but now, with the backing of Entrepreneurs Circle and the certification under my belt - I've got the gravitas and credibility I need to make getting clients a cinch!"

Jonathan Buckett

"I got my first client in my first two weeks!"

"As a successful design and marketing agency I have always been passionate about working with small businesses and had been exploring ways to add on coaching to extend my range of services.

Having researched a variety of ‘off-the-shelf’ programmes – many were very expensive, and many focussed on the American market (with a very different business culture), I wasn’t convinced there was anything out there I could buy in to.

I had been aware of Entrepreneurs Circle for year, and absolutely loved what they did – clear, easy to follow business marketing advice tailored for the UK. When the opportunity came up to become an EC certified coach, I jumped at it, and immediately invested! Here was a system perfect for UK small businesses, developed in a structured way to prevent overwhelm and confusion, and one I believed in and was proven to work.

The training I have received has been comprehensive and thorough, equipping me with all of the tools and knowledge I need to be able to implement it in my clients’ businesses. The teamwork, collaboration and support has also been amazing.

The programme is so good, I managed to get my first coaching client on-board within the first few weeks!"

Rachel Foord

"If you implement the systems you WILL get clients"

"The way the EC coaching opportunity is set up offers flexibility between making it you primary business or a business you run alongside your existing one.

Like all businesses you get out of it what you put in. The training is very thorough and if you implement the systems they share for your coaching business you WILL get clients.

There is all the support you need to be successful from the team at EC HQ, and my favorite part, the one to one support and regular events."

Kevin Cope

"£50k of additional income already!"

"I'd used Entrepreneurs Circle's products before so knew just how awesome they were, so when I saw the Certified Coaching Licence I jumped at the opportunity.

The training is fantastic as it's bang up to date and every step has an extra 'how to coach this' section which I found invaluable.

Once you are certified, there is an enormous amount of support to help you get clients as well as tons of done-for-you content to use.

This program has been the best business decision I have ever made. I already have 9 clients which are on track to add more than £50K to my income this year and I'm only just getting started!"

Nicola McLennan

"It has quite simply changed my life."

"I was made redundant from my Sales Directors role due to COVID and was at a bit of a loss on what I wanted to do next. Something inside me had wanted to start my own business for a long time and when I came across an advert from Entrepreneurs Circle - I decided to take the leap! The Certified Coaching Licence is fantastic! It has quite simply changed my life. I've managed to build my coaching business part-time and now have so many clients that from 2022 it's been my full time business. It's something I'll continue to build for the rest of my career. I really love what I do."

David Butler

"Already paid for itself..."

"The EC Coaching programme has been one of the best investments I’ve made recently.

It’s already paid for itself as it’s such an excellent programme! It teaches and tells you exactly what to do and how to sell the programme to prospects.

With the extra added bonus of being able to deploy everything you learn in the programme into your own business too and see significant results and ROI there itself."

Faz Patel

"I managed to get my first client in no time."

"Having been introduced to EC during the first lockdown I was totally smitten by all the genuine help available to me. It seemed a natural progression therefore to take the training and become an EC Certified Coach.

I found the training easy to digest and being online refreshing your memory is so easy. Thanks to the support they gave me i managed to get my first client in no time. I totally love my journey into a completely new venture, and constantly learning new things through the ongoing support, but most importantly, making a difference to other people's lives is just wonderful!"

Lesley Burton

"It’s just immense..."

"The EC’s Coaching Licence finally gave me the clarity I needed to hone my coaching and provide my clients with a clear step-by-step process to get and keep customers – which they all LOVE!

The depth to the programme’s training is immense and gives me the confidence to consistently deliver results time after time (and make great money too!)"

Sam Sutton

Join our Existing Coaches & Get Started