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Celebrity Guest: Sebastian Coe (Lord Coe)

We're hosting the first Celebrity Success Summit of 2019 with Lord Sebastian Coe.

This event is set to be mega.

Imagine a business conference...

...then imagine it without the boring presenters, dodgy Powerpoint's, naff coffee and mind-numbingly dull content that you either already knew or that is all theory and no help you you or your business at all...

Celebrity Success Summits are different.

They're better.

They're practical, eye-opening, inspirational and FUN!

And March's event is no exception.

The Agenda

It’s the first Celebrity Success Summit of the year and Nigel is sharing the stage with the legend, Lord Sebastian Coe. Nigel has something for everyone in this fast-paced, high intensity, full day smorgasbord of an event that will leave you weighed down with nuggets and inspired and motivated in a way that only Nige and the EC team can.

Here's just a sample of what we've got planned...

Sunday 'Night Before' Session: 7:30pm - 9:00pm

Vroom Vroom Video

Whether you’re yet to lose your video virginity or you already think you’re Steven 'bloody' Spielberg, this 90-minute, high energy session is going to be a practical workshop, aimed at equipping you to develop arguably your most valuable marketing asset. This isn’t just about video - it’s all about engaging with your audience, selling your credibility, bringing your audience closer to you with confidence.

Video newbies we will make sure you're treated gently!

Monday: 9:30am - 5:00pm

Nige's MAJOR Keynote...

On the Monday morning Nigel will be kicking things off, in the main room at 9:30am with his MAJOR keynote presentation of the day…

You do NOT want to be late to this session, so set your alarm 15 minutes earlier than usual to make sure you don't get stuck in traffic!

He’s asked us not to share the specific title of the keynote as its TOP SECRET, but it’s a real corker! You're in for a real treat!

Lord Sebastian Coe

After a morning break, we welcome on stage the world record holder, Olympic Gold Medallist and the man who led the 2012 London Olympic Games, Lord Sebastian Coe!

You’re going to get a fascinating insight into how three men, sat in a pub in 1999, managed to bring together a ground-breaking global event, the London 2012 Olympic Games.

You’ll understand and see the parallels that this has on your business and how Lord Coe managed to grow a team of 3 to a team of thousands in a very short window.

Lunch with Seb Coe

Lord Sebastian Coe will be sticking round and mingling with all the VIP ticket holders. This is a unique opportunity to hang out with a man that's reached a level of super success consistently for so many years!

The 2019 National Entrepreneurs Awards

We will be announcing the eight winners of the National Entrepreneur Awards - this should only take around 20 minutes but directly flows into the Q&A session...

Q&A Session with Lord Sebastian Coe

This is an opportunity like no other as Nigel will be asking the questions submitted by YOU to Lord Sebastian Coe.

If you're familiar with our Celebrity Masterclasses you will know these sessions are where the magic really happens, as together we peel away the layers to get stuck into the nitty gritty.

The Dirty Dozen...

This 90 minute session has Nigel, Cameron and Michelle delivering TWELVE rapid fire mini presentations, each one drilling down into an initiative, technique or strategy that can be learned and understood within 5 minutes and implemented in under and hour.

Each and every one of these will grow your revenue and your profits.

You’ll want to go away and implement them all...

Some are ground-breaking, new, cutting edge, marketing techniques and others may be sat right under your nose and are so obvious, you don’t even know they’re there!

You'll go away bouncing and raring to implement after yet another top notch EC event!

And More...

This event was held on the 3rd and 4th March 2019 – but for a limited time, you can now access the professionally shot and edited recordings of the day for just £199.99 +VAT

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