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Celebrity Guest: Deborah Meaden

We're hosting the last Celebrity Success Summit of 2019 with Deborah Meaden.

This event is set to be mega.

Imagine a business conference...

...then imagine it without the boring presenters, dodgy Powerpoint's, naff coffee and mind-numbingly dull content that you either already knew or that is all theory and no help you you or your business at all...

Celebrity Success Summits are different.

They're better.

They're practical, eye-opening, inspirational and FUN!

And November's event is going to be no exception.

What You Need To Know:

  • There’ll be plenty of chunky content from Nigel and his team.
  • The celebs will just be a part (albeit an important part!) of the day.
  • Our celebs will give a talk and there’ll be an in depth Q&A/interview as well.
  • The Summit will start at 7pm on the night before with a substantive, content-rich, presentation from Nigel.

[This content will be an integral part of the proceedings and, like the rest of the event, will be Livestreamed with a recording available to all who have booked on]

  • The ‘Night-Before’ presentation will be followed by an informal Q&A with Nige and, of course, the bar will be open and you’ll be in the company of hundreds of your fellow EC’ers so plenty of opportunity to catch-up, network, make new contacts and do deals.
  • The 7:30am Breakfast Q&A the following morning will remain.
  • The ‘main event’ will start at 9:30am and finish around 5pm.

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