At Entrepreneurs Circle we’re on a mission to create quite simply the best marketing agency in the world for SMEs. We’re not pretending that we’re there yet but that’s our goal and we are making good progress towards it.

Now the best agency in the world needs the best people and in that regard we’re always on the look out for top talent to join our team.

There are a few things you should know about working here before you apply:

  • We’re VERY results focused;
  • You’ll have to have the ‘GAS Factor’ to flourish here i.e you’ll really must ‘Give A S***’ about your work, our clients and the colleagues that you’ll work with. That means that going the extra inch (or mile!) is the norm here – if you can’t or won’t do that, you won't ‘fit’ around here
  • We recruit predominantly on ‘fit’ i.e how well you’ll fit in with our high performing, tight team and what you’ll bring to the party – so your attitude and personality will be very important
  • Each member of our team is expected to learn, develop and grow – no exceptions.

There are over 30 of us in the gang.

Yes, we really do have a Butler who looks after us all – and our customers when they visit – a very colourful office and a cool vibe.

If this sounds like the sort of environment that you’d love to work in then get in touch.

We’ve always got room for talented people with the ability (and the GAS Factor!).

We currently have opportunities available in the following areas:

Digital Marketers

Setting up and running campaigns for our clients across all the paid traffic channels, social media and website.

You’ll have full responsibility for your campaigns and will be expected to manage performance, split-testing, and reporting on results.

We have one of the most skilled digital teams in the UK and the opportunity to learn, develop and progress in this role is significant

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Marketing Copywriters

Producing the whole spectrum of marketing copy from websites to direct mail and long form sales letters your success in this role will be measured by the results your copy generates.

Our copywriters are amongst some of the most highly valued members of our team and the opportunities for a great marketing copywriter to flourish in a high profile is huge.

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Apprentice Marketers

We are currently seeking two red-hot apprentices to join our team and benefit from ‘the best learning environment in the country’ for anyone who’s serious about building a career in marketing.

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