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NBTV Episode 410 – Breaking the cycle

Round and round and round we go, day after day, week after week on the merry-go-round of business – or in Nigel’s case he’s on[…]
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13th Jun 2018

NBTV Episode 409 – When in Venice…

What do Marty McFly, Tony Hawk and Nigel all have in common…? That’s right, they’re all fans of skateboarding… Ok, I agree, that link is[…]
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6th Jun 2018

NBTV Episode 408 – What goes up, must come down – Panama Canal Pt4

Here is the 4th and final part of Nigel’s Panama Canal NBTV episodes. This week’s bite-sized bit is all about your approach…  

30th May 2018

NBTV Episode 407 – How much? – Panama Canal Pt3

Nige is still on the Panama Canal for this week’s bite-sized bit. Who’d have thought  a stretch of water could provide so much inspiration for[…]
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18th May 2018

NBTV Episode 406 – Who is your crew? – Panama Canal Pt2

Here’s part two of Nigel’s 4-part Panama Canal series of NBTVs. This week, his bite-sized bit came to him after watching men in tug boats…[…]
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15th May 2018

NBTV Episode 405 – If at first you don’t succeed… Panama Canal Pt1

This week sees the start of a 4-part series of NBTVs that Nigel recorded whilst travelling the Panama Canal on his recent holiday. You’ll have[…]
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9th May 2018

NBTV Episode 404 – Good things come in pink boxes…

Nigel and his family have just returned from a holiday. On one day they were suddenly overtaken by an urge to do something they wouldn’t[…]
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2nd May 2018

NBTV Episode 403 – I feel the need….

…. The need for speed… Maverick: [to Cougar and Merlin while up in the air] Any of you boys seen an aircraft-carrier around here?   NBTV[…]
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25th Apr 2018

NBTV Episode 402 – Lifting the fog

It’s a bit dreary looking so you would be forgiven for thinking Nigel is in England for this bite-sized bit – well you’d be wrong.[…]
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18th Apr 2018

NBTV Episode 401 – It spoils everything…

Following on from our fantastic 400th episode last week, Nige is back with a new bite-sized bit this week. He’s feeling remorseful. Something’s bothering him[…]
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11th Apr 2018

NBTV Episode 400

Can you believe it? We’ve reached episode 400 of NBTV. Let’s take a trip down memory lane and see how far we’ve come… 400 bite-sized[…]
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4th Apr 2018

NBTV Episode 399 – Nigel and his chicks…

Nigel has been checking out chicks this week. Cute chicks. Don’t worry, it’s nothing fowl, it’s an eggcellent bite sized bit.  

28th Mar 2018

NBTV Episode 398 – Breezy and easy

You’ll be blown away by this week’s bite-sized bit…. It’s a bit breezy but Nige has a couple of guests with him tell you about[…]
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20th Mar 2018

NBTV Episode 397 – Stealing the Super Bowl

Here at EC HQ our walls are designed to inspire you. For this week’s bite-sized bit, one of these walls has got Nigel thinking about[…]
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14th Mar 2018