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I saw a mouse, where? There on the stair…

NBTV Episode 442 Nigel is back this week with another bite-sized bit to make your business grow. Unless your business is a pet shop, I[…]
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13th Mar 2019

A big question…

NBTV Episode 441 This week’s NBTV is a bit different from our usual bite-sized bits. We received a question from a member in response to[…]
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20th Feb 2019

Run, run, run

NBTV Episode 440 Nigel is feeling a bit starry-eyed in this week’s NBTV. He’s been chatting with a celebrity this afternoon and wants to share[…]
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6th Feb 2019

Everyone’s a winner…

NBTV Episode 439 It’s chilly here at EC HQ but Nige is still here with another bite-sized bit to make your business grow. This week’s[…]
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23rd Jan 2019

Actions Kill Thoughts…

NBTV Episode 438 It’s a New Year and Nigel is back, revitalised and ready to go for 2019. This week, as well as a cracking[…]
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2nd Jan 2019

Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la

NBTV Episode 437 You may remember last year, for our final NBTV of the year, we sang you a song…. Well this year… happily for[…]
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19th Dec 2018

Things that go bump in the dark…

NBTV Episode 436 As you know, Nigel is colourful man. Bright office walls, bright shirts, bright blinds, bright chairs – we’ve got them all. Therefore,[…]
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12th Dec 2018

You spin me right round baby, right round…

NBTV Episode 435 Nigel is in a bit of a spin for this week’s NBTV. Whirling round and round he’s got a bite-sized bit to[…]
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5th Dec 2018

Dude. Where’s my car?

NBTV Episode 434 Fans of NBTV will know we often film out on the office car-park. This week’s bite-sized bit is indeed a car-park based[…]
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28th Nov 2018

We’ve got good news and bad news…

NBTV Episode 433 Nige has been back on his travels and this week’s bite-sized bit comes to you from Florida. Warning! This NBTV contains extreme[…]
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21st Nov 2018

Energy or Mediocrity

NBTV Episode 432 This week Nigel has another bite-sized bit inspired by watching videos on his phone. There’s no cute baby bears in this NBTV but[…]
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14th Nov 2018

Bear necessities

NBTV Episode 431   “Look for the bare necessities The simple bare necessities Forget about your worries and your strife…” Forgetting your worries isn’t so[…]
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7th Nov 2018

Who you hang around with…

NBTV Episode 429 In this week’s NBTV Nigel will be the quietest he has ever been in a video. We’ve never seen such scenes… Seriously,[…]
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24th Oct 2018

… One giant leap for mankind!

NBTV Episode 428 Nigel is at his desk for this week’s bite-sized bit and he wants to show you his view… He sees it every[…]
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18th Oct 2018