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“I weigh 160…”

  You know, we’re all guilty of selling ourselves short every now and again by not fully BELIEVING in the heights that it’s possible for[…]
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8th Jul 2019

[FULL EPISODE] Business Growth Central – Google My Business

 Business Growth Central is our television show that is broadcast LIVE every other Wednesday at 4:00pm from ECHQ. To get access to Business Growth[…]
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4th Apr 2019

How To Run A Planning Weekend (And Why You Should)

by Keith Edmunds My “How We Went Planning” article has been published a few times in the Circular, most recently in the 100th issue (page 28).[...]
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16th Oct 2018

Deciding to go…

NBTV: Episode 427 When you look at most businesses that have achieved any significant success, you can usually track it back to one crucial moment…[…]
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10th Oct 2018

Balls, Bust Ups And A Black And Decker

by Liz and Chris Baranov EC Members Liz and Chris Baranov share their reflections on an amazing day with Sir Ranulph Fiennes at our Celebrity Masterclass[...]
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5th Oct 2018

There Is Money Everywhere…

by Nigel Botterill I am so fed up of these dipsticks on the news talking down our country and our economy under the spectre of Brexit.[...]
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1st Oct 2018

Are You SOYA or GOYA?

by Christine Nicholson I’ve always been a bit of a power house when it comes to #GSD (getting stuff done) but last year I stopped running[...]
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24th Sep 2018

NBTV Episode 389 – Nigel, you look different…

We have a different bite-sized bit for you this week – brought to you by a guest presenter! Maybe this should actually be called CBTV[…]
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17th Jan 2018

How 90 Minutes Changed a Physio’s Business

I knew I wanted to change and joined the EC a couple of years ago. Since then I’ve learnt more than I thought possible about[…]
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26th May 2017

Are You Confident-er Than A 10-Year-Old?

Spending time with kids is a great learning curve for business owners! Frahana shares the lessons she’s learnt from a smart 10 year-old…

10th May 2017

Do You Have Lobster Syndrome?

I met one of our new members last month when he was at Botty Towers on a training course. We bumped into each other on[…]
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9th May 2017

How to Get More Done in Your Business

One of the most frequently asked questions from EC members, especially new members, is this: “How do you get so much done?” So many business[…]
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4th May 2017

Elfin Health & Safety Are Getting More Done

I must be honest and say I am not a dedicated 90 minutes girl, not because I don’t believe in it, but because it frightens[…]
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3rd May 2017

No One Got Rich Blaming Someone Else

I talk a lot about responsibility. It’s a re-occurring theme because it’s absolutely critical to achieving big success, yet so many business people that I[…]
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2nd May 2017