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digital marketing

Tracking Your Website’s Performance

I’ve run the course several times before, but this year’s reformatting of the course into a Website “clinic” (and yes,I was seen with a Stethoscope[…]
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25th May 2017

Google AdWords – 10.5 Things you Must Check

Have you ever wondered why some AdWords campaigns just don’t work while others are like cash machines?

18th May 2017

Can 80 Hour Cash Machine Work for a Hotel? Yes!

He sent out the EC’s 80 Hour Cash Machine email campaign to 2300 people on his database.  Within 18 hours, he’d received over 100 replies[…]
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18th May 2017

How Facebook Has Helped Glo Salon’s Launch

My partner and I bought a beauty business back in December. The plan had been to continue paying rent on the room but I quickly[…]
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8th May 2017

Social Media is Drowning You

So you’ve got a couple of social media profiles going – you’re growing an audience, you’re committed to making this work, to attracting the right[…]
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4th May 2017