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[FULL EPISODE] Business Growth Central – Google My Business

 Business Growth Central is our television show that is broadcast LIVE every other Wednesday at 4:00pm from ECHQ. To get access to Business Growth[…]
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4th Apr 2019

Case Studies: How To Write Them Properly

by Nigel Botterill It's true that what others say about you is at least a hundred times more important, and more powerful, than what you say[...]
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30th Oct 2018

There Is Money Everywhere…

by Nigel Botterill I am so fed up of these dipsticks on the news talking down our country and our economy under the spectre of Brexit.[...]
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1st Oct 2018

The Untold Secret

by Nigel Botterill If you're looking to discover how to get your customers to give you money over and over again then this message will cut[...]
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18th Sep 2018

Seven Best Email Subject Lines

by Cameron Botterill Pencils ready… here are our very own best performing subject lines so far this year (you’ll want to swipe some of these!) This[...]
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11th Sep 2018

Business Is Not That Complicated. We Just Make It That Way (Part 2)

by Martin Norbury As a quick recap, last week we spoke about two of the five hard myths surrounding being an Entrepreneur . Whether that's playing[...]
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14th Aug 2018

Business Is Not That Complicated. We Just Make It That Way (Part 1)

by Martin Norbury I have been very privileged over the years and worked with some amazing companies as either CEO or business mentor, and when[...]
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7th Aug 2018

Tracking Your Website’s Performance

I’ve run the course several times before, but this year’s reformatting of the course into a Website “clinic” (and yes,I was seen with a Stethoscope[…]
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25th May 2017

Google AdWords – 10.5 Things you Must Check

Have you ever wondered why some AdWords campaigns just don’t work while others are like cash machines?

18th May 2017

Can 80 Hour Cash Machine Work for a Hotel? Yes!

He sent out the EC’s 80 Hour Cash Machine email campaign to 2300 people on his database.  Within 18 hours, he’d received over 100 replies[…]
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18th May 2017

How Facebook Has Helped Glo Salon’s Launch

My partner and I bought a beauty business back in December. The plan had been to continue paying rent on the room but I quickly[…]
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8th May 2017

Social Media is Drowning You

So you’ve got a couple of social media profiles going – you’re growing an audience, you’re committed to making this work, to attracting the right[…]
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4th May 2017

Goodfayre’s Email Marketing

Goodfayre is an ethical retail store selling good goods, everything in the store has a story and has been on a journey.

1st May 2017

A Readability Weapon for Email Marketing

You don’t have to be a prized copywriter to create a successful email campaign. Actually, we can reveal surprisingly simple shortcuts to bring you guaranteed sales.

28th Apr 2017