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Dealing with staff

UK Employment Law Is No Longer Fit for Purpose!

I’ve been in Human Resources (HR) for over 20 years. 10 years ago I set up my own business. I didn’t have a clue what[…]
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23rd May 2017

How To Run A Customer Service Clinic

Customer service. It’s the benchmark that every business knows it should be measuring. It’s the topic that should be featured in every team meeting. It’s[…]
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19th May 2017

The Importance of Keeping Your Staff Happy

Traditionally, business owners use conventional tools to gauge their employees’ attitudes, but the data extracted is limited and it certainly doesn’t measure sentiment – it only tells[…]
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12th May 2017

Is That a Light at the End of the Tunnel? Or Just the Lamp of an Oncoming Train?

I’m sure a lot of business owners have experienced this. Where their business appears to be doing OK, but it’s difficult to see any real evidence due to[…]
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25th Nov 2016

NBTV Episode 320 – Where’s the fun in your business?

I read an article this week on Beach Volleyball at the Olympics, specifically about whether the team uniforms the players wear show a culture clash or[…]
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10th Aug 2016

NBTV Episode 318 – Recruiting Superstars… with Facebook?!

How do you go about recruiting staff? Agencies? Jobs boards? What if you could get in front of your ideal candidate – even if they’re not looking[…]
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27th Jul 2016

How to Trash Your Business Using Social Media

You couldn’t find two better examples of the power of social media. Over in the triumphant corner is Paul Trueman’s brilliant fundraising initiative for Refuge,[…]
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6th Jun 2016

STOP thinking outside the box!

At our recent Mastermind session, a question was put to the group around issues with employee management and, in particular, one individual who used to be a[…]
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9th May 2016

They All Go Lame

So, I’ve had a few setbacks this year. It’s no biggie. Our job as entrepreneurs is to solve problems. That’s what we do and one problem common to all[…]
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21st Dec 2015

What Do Your Staff Day About Your Business?

Whilst browsing in a large furniture store recently (you know, the kind that has been advertising final reductions since the dawn of time, and who will continue to do[…]
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16th Nov 2015

NBTV Episode 286 – What’s your vibe?

Don’t worry; Nige hasn’t gone all “hippy” on you this week. He is, in fact, talking about the spirit and vibe among your staff. So[…]
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28th Oct 2015

Unlucky for Some… Nige’s 13-Step Guide to Firing that Troublesome Employee

There was a bit of chatter on the Club Facebook Group from members looking for help and guidance on how to bite the bullet and fire someone that they[…]
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21st Aug 2015


Seriously. The stone-faced aids, the cornea-burningly bright board room, the elaborate challenges – Alan Sugar makes a mountain out of a molehill with this whole hiring[…]
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2nd Mar 2015