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  • Saturday Soccer Secrets

    NBTV Episode 456 This week’s NBTV comes to you after one of Nigel’s cryptically named Saturday Soccer Sessions. It doesn’t involve football nor was it[…]
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    11th Sep 2019

    What a mistake-a to make-a…

    NBTV Episode 455 Nigel is back in his office for this week’s NBTV. He’s been sent a gift. A nice gift. On that basis, this[…]
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    28th Aug 2019


    NBTV Episode 454  This week’s NBTV was recorded outside Villa Park where he was running one of our two day Masterclasses. You’d think being[…]
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    14th Aug 2019

    The need for speed

    NBTV Episode 453  For this week’s episode of NBTV, Nigel is at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. He’s got a bite-sized bit for you,[…]
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    31st Jul 2019

    Botcast – July 2019

    The Botcast is an Entrepreneurs Circle production featuring Nigel Botterill. Download

    19th Jul 2019

    The world as you see it

    NBTV Episode 452 This week’s bite-sized bit comes to you from sunny Henley Royal Regatta. Nigel is a little warm, and half wearing his jacket,[…]
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    17th Jul 2019

    “I weigh 160…”

      You know, we’re all guilty of selling ourselves short every now and again by not fully BELIEVING in the heights that it’s possible for[…]
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    8th Jul 2019

    How to get Nigel to not spend his money…

    NBTV Episode 451 Regular viewers of NBTV will know Nigel can get quite animated when something bothers him…. Well this week’s bite-sized bit is no[…]
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    4th Jul 2019

    The source that makes every business flow…

    NBTV Episode 450 Seeing Nigel jogging on the spot in this week’s NBTV and you might be worried that he wants to break into the[…]
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    19th Jun 2019

    The 42-Minute Facebook Ad Formula

    How To Start Instantly Flooding Your Business With Enquiries, Leads & Sales From Facebook   Discover The 3 Secrets That Will Forever Equip You With[...]
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    7th Jun 2019

    Under Pressure…

    NBTV Episode 449   Nigel is at the Hoover Dam for this week’s bite-sized bit. It is responsible for the production of 80% of the[…]
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    5th Jun 2019

    Sin City Baby!

    NBTV Episode: 448 This week’s NBTV comes straight from Sin City on the Las Vegas strip! Will it feature sky-high fountains, roulette wheels, slot machines[…]
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    29th May 2019

    Truly unique…

    NBTV Episode 447 This week’s bite-sized bit comes to you with the help of a guest speaker. It’s no Kane and Abel or Clifton Chronicle,[…]
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    22nd May 2019

    A tale of two Business Cards…

    NBTV Episode 446 It was the best of times… It was the worst of times… That’s how our team felt after a trip to the[…]
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    8th May 2019

    Botcast – May 2019

    The Botcast is an Entrepreneurs Circle production featuring Nigel Botterill. Download

    7th May 2019

    This time next week Rodney…

    NBTV Episode 445 Back on home soil, this week’s NBTV comes to you on a lovely Spring morning at ECHQ. Nigel has a bite-sized bit[…]
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    24th Apr 2019

    Thinking about you

    NBTV Episode 444   Whilst away celebrating his Silver Wedding anniversary, Nigel and Sue had a couples massage – and it made him think of[…]
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    10th Apr 2019

    Botcast – April 2019

    The Botcast is an Entrepreneurs Circle production featuring Nigel Botterill. Download

    7th Apr 2019